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[18:04] <ericb2> froumi: yes, meeting :)

[18:04] * madawasj (i=ca81e88b@gateway/web/freenode/x-gjjaidpnocwfmoyy) has joined

[18:04] <ericb2> Ok, let's start

[18:04] <ericb2> First, hello to all for coming

[18:04] * froumi is here with a sandich jambon butter :)

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[18:04] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to fardad

[18:05] <ericb2> For the one who join for the first time, we use to present the agenda, and then every point

[18:05] <ericb2> at the end , there is a misc part, reserved for questions not scheduled on the agenda

[18:05] <ericb2> Agenda for 8th of October 2009 meeting

[18:05] <ericb2> 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

[18:05] <ericb2> 2. Present the Education Project guidelines for students (how we work, what is expected), and the schools who participate

[18:05] <ericb2> 3. OOo4Kids sugarization ( Thomas Fontenay - Abdelkader Bellabes )

[18:05] <ericb2> 4. Education Project Effort ( status )

[18:05] <ericb2> 5. Misc

[18:05] <ericb2> Point 1:

[18:05] <ericb2> Welcome to people joining the Education Project.

[18:06] <ericb2> We use to ask the newcomers to present themselves, and explain what they expect

[18:06] <ericb2> so please shoot !

[18:07] <ericb2> if I'm not wrong, newcomers are Twarz Kidd Jayanga Ravipriya .. kau_mad : please present yourselves :)

[18:07] <ericb2> + all the one I forgot are welcome to do so :-)

[18:07] <Kidd> may I begin?

[18:07] <ericb2> Kidd: please :)

[18:08] <ericb2> just a little precision :

[18:08] * cbosdonnat just arrived

[18:08] <ericb2> the log of the meeting will be publically available

[18:08] Kamots kau_mad Kidd

[18:08] <ericb2> Kidd: please :)

[18:08] <Kidd> ericb2, okay :)

[18:10] <Kidd> so, I'm Kidd and I'm currently working with Twarz ericb2 and pierrep for the most part on improving performances an the UI of OOo4Kids. Twarz and me are also working on the "Sugarisation" of OOo4Kids for the XO laptop given by OLPC

[18:11] * Matt1 ( has joined

[18:12] * sachindra (i=6fdf8b4a@gateway/web/freenode/x-islikpalhnhxqtfa) has joined

[18:12] <Kidd> and*

[18:13] <Twarz> Kidd presented us both, I'll just add that we are currently in a training period after our first year of computer science studyong in Epitech, Paris

[18:13] <Twarz> studying*

[18:13] <Kamots> are you involved in this for a class or just as a side project?

[18:14] <Twarz> The training period is part of our cursus - we chose to do it with the Education project because it seemed much more interesting than any other job we could have gotten as first year students. It seems we were not mistaken until now :)

[18:15] <atjensen> Hello, Just here to observe and learn a little

[18:15] <Twarz> We learn much about C, C++, OpenOffice and how the open world works

[18:16] <Kamots> working in open source is always more interesting =^) Welcome everyone

[18:16] <ericb2> Twarz: Kidd : thanks a lot for your presentation and congratulations for your last blog entries : http://ooo4kids-

[18:17] <Twarz> It's us who are grateful, truly

[18:17] <ericb2> atjensen: are you student ?

[18:17] <Kidd> same as Twarz

[18:17] <kau_mad> @ericb2: may I present now?

[18:17] <ericb2> kau_mad: please, do :-)

[18:18] <kau_mad> @ericb2: I'm working on Math baseline alignment

[18:18] <ericb2> kau_mad: yes, the famous issue 972

[18:19] <IZBot> Formula editor ENHANCEMENT STARTED P3 Alignment of baselines of formula and text in writer

[18:19] <Matt1> hello everybody, I'm Matthieu Paret. I'm studying in UTBM (University of technologie of Belfort and Montbéliard). This semester, I'm helping this project to work on wiki(s) and feedback next.

[18:19] <ericb2> kau_mad: Was Rakesh Pandit sho started the work. Since he get hired, and that's a *great* thing to see you continue. Really

[18:20] Kamots kau_mad

[18:20] madawasj masc Matt1

[18:20] <kau_mad> @ericb2: I have to go through what Rakesh did

[18:20] <ericb2> kau_mad: you can ask me, I worked at it at the begining, to start the project

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[18:21] Kamots kau_mad

[18:21] <ericb2> kau_mad: from where are you ?

[18:21] <kau_mad> @ericb2: from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

[18:22] <kau_mad> @ericb2: I'm a third year student following Computer Science and Engineering

[18:22] <ericb2> kau_mad: that's awesome to see people from Sri Lanka online, and workig with us !

[18:22] * Ravipriya1 (i=administ@ has joined

[18:22] <cbosdonnat> Jayanga, you're turn ? as you're from Sri Lanka too ?

[18:22] <cbosdonnat> s/you're/your

[18:22] <Jayanga> yes

[18:22] <kau_mad> @ericb2: doing this project for our semester long programming project

[18:24] <Ravipriya1> ericb2: me,kau.mad, sachindra , jayanga ,madawasj,viraj are all doing this programming project

[18:24] <ericb2> Ravipriyaa1 ok, that's a real pleasure to see all of you there

[18:25] <sachindra> Hello. I am an undergraduate. And I want to do a project for one of my subject modules. And I have to finish the project by the end of November. So I need advise to select a openoffice project for that which suites the time line.

[18:25] <Kamots> it is good to see so many students involved with open source through their schools

[18:27] * ericb2 impressed

[18:27] <ericb2> Other students, new contributors who did not present themselves ?

[18:27] <thorsten> Ravipriya1: would you briefly tell us what you're planning to do?

[18:27] <cbosdonnat> Jayanga, too ?

[18:28] <Ravipriya1> Im going to do the OOo fuzzer project. thorsren is helping me with my project

[18:28] <Ravipriya1> Its a security related project and Im going to brutforce vulnerabilities of OOo

[18:28] <Ravipriya1> is that nice

[18:30] <sachindra> Any suggestions that would suite my time line?

[18:30] <ericb2> is anybody from Seneca College ? Kamots , isn't it ?

[18:30] <ericb2> sachindra: you mean how we'll organize your project ?

[18:30] <Jayanga> I have been making a Calc adding to find the FullMoon days and I have made a draft version of it but still have to do improvements

[18:31] <cbosdonnat> Jayanga, you're also forgetting to explain the best part of your work: the Calc Addin wizard :)

[18:31] <madawasj> Im working on developing a component to check spread sheet documents for potential errors

[18:31] <Jayanga> and I am going to make a wizard for Eclipse to create Calc Addins

[18:31] <Kamots> yes, i'm from Seneca College in Toronto, Canada

[18:31] Kamots kau_mad

[18:31] <Jayanga> and for my pojects cvosdonnat is helping me

[18:32] <Kamots> i'm interested in build systems and i worked on helping the build on OpenSolaris, but i still want to explore further

[18:32] <Jayanga> *cbosdonnat

[18:32] * cbosdonnat is impressed by the number of interesteing ongoing projects :D

[18:32] <thorsten> full ack

[18:32] <ericb2> Kamots: are you the only one from Toronto at the moment ?

[18:32] <ericb2> mean on the channel ?

[18:32] <Kamots> probably... except for fardad

[18:33] <ericb2> Kamots: I'll present him in the profs/devs list ;)

[18:33] <sachindra> @ericb2: No. I went through the list of GSOC project list.

[18:33] * thorsten suggests sachindra to wait 'til after the meeting

[18:33] <sachindra> I need to know thathow much time will they take.

[18:33] <fardad> yes, I am here too

[18:33] <ericb2> sachindra: I remember. We'll see after the meeting, yes

[18:34] fardad farlog

[18:34] <ericb2> fardad: hello :)

[18:34] <sachindra> ok thanks

[18:34] <fardad> hey eric,

[18:34] * FabienD ( has joined

[18:34] <ericb2> .. if there are no more students who want to present ...

[18:34] * fardad is quitly watching :)

[18:34] <ericb2> To finish the first point, I'd like to present the developers who are permanently on the channel helping students : Thorsten Behrens, Cedric Bosdonnat, Fardad Soleimanloo, and me. If I forgot somebody, just tell me : other devs around ?

[18:35] <thorsten> IZBot: seen any sweetshark

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[18:35] <ericb2> Thorsten and Cedric are profesionnal, Fardad and me are profs, and I'm both dev since more than 4 years for OOo project

[18:36] <ericb2> Point 2 ?

[18:37] <cbosdonnat> I'm mostly specialized in Writer and Java stuffs

[18:37] cbosdonnat ChanServ

[18:37] <cbosdonnat> thorsten is specialized in many topics :)

[18:37] <thorsten> like, heavy drinking & cheap talking ;)

[18:38] <ericb2> from my side, I'm specialized in building, porting ( Mac OS X , and Linux ), and vcl, impress and some other modules like sal ..

[18:38] * cbosdonnat wasn't thinking at those ones

[18:38] * thorsten has spent much time in graphics core & Impress

[18:38] <ericb2> means vcl , Impress hacker

[18:38] * Ravipriya has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

[18:39] * ericb2 propsoes point 2 : Present the Education Project (fastly)

[18:39] <ericb2> "proposes" sorry for the typo

[18:39] <ericb2> The sites :

[18:39] <ericb2> * (not that active)

[18:39] <ericb2> *

[18:39] <ericb2> How we work ?

[18:39] <ericb2> Mostly with students / schools / profs and developers , on tasks, oragnized in effort.

[18:39] <ericb2> See :

[18:40] <ericb2> For every task, we try to mentor/help/follow the student(s). We try to manage every project with a planning, or e.g. Gantt diagram.

[18:40] <ericb2> At the end we try to complete the study with a report (english please).

[18:40] <ericb2> IMPORTANT : the success of a project is mostly conditioned to the regularity of the student, in its work

[18:41] <ericb2> We communicate mostly using :

[18:41] <ericb2> * IRC channels (  ; , server : )

[18:41] <ericb2> * mailing lists :

[18:41] <ericb2> * Wiki :

[18:41] <ericb2> * blogs :

[18:41] <ericb2> * Events : conferences, presentations (e.g. OOocon )

[18:41] <ericb2> Our whishes :

[18:41] <ericb2> See the student join the channel egularly, and provide us regular feedback ( using mailing list if some timidity .. )

[18:41] <ericb2> This is essential for a successfull project with us.

[18:42] <ericb2> We use to propose little subjects, but we can adapt, and students are not forced to finish (if they did a good work but was too short e.g.)

[18:42] <ericb2> we'd like to have more contacts with the profs from the schools too ...

[18:43] * ericb2 sends the message twice to everybody there ;)

[18:44] <ericb2> Last, the schools who participate are Ecole Centrale Nantes, UTBM, Epitech Paris, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, Seneca College Toronto, and soon (to be confirmed : INSA Lyon (France)

[18:45] <ericb2> I know some people will have to go. Can we swap the point 3 and the point 4 ? Means continue now with the Effort ?

[18:45] <ericb2> and afterwards, with the OOo4Kids sugarization ?

[18:45] <ericb2> does somebody object ?

[18:46] <ericb2> Ok ... let's swap points 3 and 4 : Point 4. Education Project Effort ( status )

[18:46] <ericb2> The Effort is described there :

[18:47] <ericb2> this is an attempt to propose subjets for students. We did a lot of proposals, and we need to cleanup the wiki, because a bit suboptimal

[18:47] madawasj masc Matt1

[18:47] <ericb2> this will be done (at least started) by Matt1

[18:47] <ericb2> student at UTBM

[18:48] <ericb2> so if you have ideas, and/or proposal, or simply want to help to improve the presentation -> feel free to start !

[18:49] <ericb2> other point: we use to propose ClassRooms, sort of online course

[18:49] <ericb2> the difficullty is to find a dev who has enough of time to attend and prepare and present something. ButI'm confident we'll have some classrooms this year

[18:49] <ericb2> questions ?

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[18:51] <ericb2> Don't forget: ask, and ask is essential. We created the channel to answer simple questions, because the students have a lot of questions, so please ask,we'll always try to help you (if we can ..)

[18:52] <ericb2> If no questions, I invite you to read the log after the meeting and ask later, if ever

[18:52] <ericb2> Next point ?

[18:52] <ericb2> 3. OOo4Kids sugarization ( Thomas Fontenay - Abdelkader Bellabes )

[18:53] <ericb2> Kidd: Twarz one short word about your work in progress ? I think you defined a roadmap ?

[18:53] * kau_mad (i=6fdf838f@gateway/web/freenode/x-dmzrfmabuvuziwup) has joined

[18:53] <Kidd> yes :)

[18:53] <Kidd> so

[18:53] <Twarz> ericb2, yes, we've defined the big "steps" we will have to clear until the sugarization is complete

[18:55] <Kidd> as Twarz said, there are some big steps, like get a Sugar-compatible executable, we are still hesitating on the method but it will be done soon (medium difficult task)

[18:56] <ericb2> I have read the proposal for the roadmap, and as I said, the step 2 has to be improved, and te dev who ask for further information about the tree, is Stephan Bergmann

[18:56] <Kidd> then provide a bundle for Sugar, that should be quick and easy, especially if we are using a script given by Sugar labs for the first step

[18:56] <ericb2> Twarz: Kidd thanks again for your nice work !

[18:57] <Twarz> ericb2, thanks for your help, ericb2 :)

[18:57] <ericb2> It's a bit longer than expected, and I propose to continue with misc questions now, and finish with next meeting (date, agenda)

[18:57] <ericb2> Twarz: you're welcome :)

[18:58] <ericb2> Next point : misc questions

[18:58] <masc> @ericb2, i just read your answer. thanks for the help!

[18:58] madawasj masc Matt1

[18:58] <ericb2> masc: :)

[18:58] <masc> so this means i have to make a new slide and copy everything over that has already been shown

[18:59] <ericb2> masc: sorry, I'll answer you later (meeting now)

[18:59] <masc> sure

[18:59] * ericb2 appologies : I forgot to present pierrep , from Epitech Paris, who is developer too, and present since a while on the channel

[19:00] <ericb2> Next meeting ?

[19:00] * ericb2 would like to propose : 15th October, same hour

[19:00] <ericb2> please confirm ...

[19:00] <Kidd> fine with me :)

[19:01] <Jayanga> me too

[19:01] <ericb2> +1 for me of course

[19:02] <pierrep_> hi

[19:02] <ericb2> anyway : we can discuss all the week, and everybody can propose an item for the meeting

[19:02] <Twarz> sure, fine !

[19:02] <kau_mad> @ericb2: fine

[19:03] <thorsten> fine here, too

[19:03] <ericb2> as a draft for next week then :

[19:03] <ericb2> Agenda for 15th of October 2009 meeting

[19:03] <ericb2> 1. Welcome new students/ devs

[19:03] <ericb2> 2) Present tools we use

[19:03] <ericb2> 3) present the state of work in progress for every project

[19:03] <ericb2> 4) misc

[19:05] <ericb2> The log of the meeting is there :

[19:05] <ericb2>

[19:06] <ericb2> Next meeting :

[19:07] * ericb2 strongly suggests to all the students there, to subscribe to the mailing list, and post a short mail of presentation, mostly about what they are exactly doing

[19:07] <sachindra> Hi

[19:07] sachindra sm|CPU_ [19:07] <ericb2> sachindra: so let's see with your case

[19:07] <sachindra> thank you

[19:07] <sachindra> I want to develop an extension for open office

[19:08] <ericb2> sachindra: great

[19:08] <ericb2> sachindra: so you'll have to define exactly what you'd like to do. Maybe this is done already ?

[19:09] * Ravipriya1 (i=administ@ has left

[19:09] <sachindra> No I have not done an openOffice project before

[19:09] <ericb2> sachindra: ok, but you have C++ knowledge, or .. ?

[19:09] * ericb2 sorry to have forgotten : too much of people to manage

[19:09] <sachindra> I went through the OpenOffice project ideas for gsoc

[19:10] <ericb2> sachindra: and which idea retained your attention ?

[19:11] <sachindra> Grammer checking framework

[19:11] <ericb2> sachindra: ok

[19:11] <sachindra> I need to know whether it is an extension or not

[19:11] * mmagnin ( has joined

[19:12] <ericb2> sachindra: I think Cedric will answer you. this is a Writer question

[19:12] <ericb2> mmagnin: hello :)

[19:12] <mmagnin> Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay ;)

[19:12] <ericb2> mmagnin: we got the log

[19:12] <ericb2> mmagnin:

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