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[18:00] <ericb2> Meeting time ?

[18:01] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, yes

[18:01] <ericb2> Twarz: Kidd : ping ?

[18:01] <Kidd> ericb2, pong

[18:02] <ericb2> thorsten is excused, and advertised me he"d not be able to attend

[18:02] <ericb2> pierrep_: around ?

[18:02] <ericb2> Kidd: hello :-)

[18:02] <ericb2> Let's go

[18:02] <ericb2> Agenda for 29th of October 2009 meeting :

[18:02] <pierrep_> ericb2, yep

[18:02] <ericb2> 1. Welcome new students/ devs

[18:02] <ericb2> 2. ClassRooms list

[18:02] <ericb2> 3. A point for ongoing projects

[18:02] <ericb2> 4. misc

[18:02] <pierrep_> Kidd, Twarz hi

[18:03] <Kidd> pierrep, hi!

[18:03] <Twarz> Hi all

[18:03] <ericb2> evening good people :)

[18:03] <ericb2> 1. Welcome new students/ devs

[18:04] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, don't fake Fridrich: he's the only true one :)

[18:04] <ericb2> to the newcomers, it's time to present yourself, shortly, and explain us what you expect .. what you want to achieve (mostly projects I guess)

[18:04] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: ;-)

[18:05] <ericb2> Metrokid, alias Jonathan Winandy is not able to attend too, and I'll represent him for the point 3

[18:05] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I guess we can skip this today: everybody has been hanging here for a long time

[18:06] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: sure, let's start the point 2

[18:06] <ericb2> 2. ClassRooms list

[18:06] <ericb2> We progressed since last week

[18:06] <ericb2> looking at

[18:07] <ericb2> Heiner Rechtien ( Sun Release Engineer) proposed a final date

[18:07] <ericb2> Title is : Mercurial migration

[18:07] <ericb2> In preparation, will be scheduled soon :

[18:07] <ericb2> 2) gdb (introduction, and use)

[18:07] <ericb2> Thomas Fontenay (alias Twarz) and me  : introduction to gdb, and gdb use with

[18:07] <ericb2> Status: we started to prepare the event together (with Thomas), and we'll probably provide some code to do an online workout.

[18:08] <Twarz> We will make your build crash, don't worry about it. :)

[18:08] <ericb2> Kidd: if you want to participate too, you are welcome

[18:08] <Kidd> i'd be glad to help :)

[18:08] <cbosdonnat> Twarz, there is no need of gdb to make it crash :D

[18:09] <Twarz> cbosdonnat, what I mean is that we will probably provide some patches to make OOo crash even more... some kind of exercise ;)

[18:09] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I can provide some infos on my gdb config (useful for Writer debug)

[18:09] <cbosdonnat> Twarz, hehe :D

[18:09] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: thanks. I remember you proposed to help, and why not add you in the ClassRoom

[18:09] <ericb2> 3) Elipse

[18:09] <ericb2> Cedric Bosdonnat (scheduled)  : something about Eclipse use and/or Eclipse plugin.

[18:09] <ericb2> Eclipse sorry :)

[18:10] <cbosdonnat> to all: what would interest you more? getting into OOEclipse internals? or using it?

[18:11] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: as newbie with this tool : discover Eclipse first ...

[18:11] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, ok

[18:11] <ericb2> but other should give their opinions too

[18:11] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, we'll have to find out how to prepare all those stuffs

[18:12] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, a first session on how to use it would be nice (along with a Java UNO extension talk)

[18:12] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, then we could go into the internals ;)

[18:13] <ericb2> @all : just a little remark : I strongly suggest to cut the ClassRooms in little parts. the reason is very simple : the people who discover the thing, need an adaptation time

[18:13] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, of course

[18:13] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: so, two or three ClassRooms is not a bad idea

[18:14] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: e.g. we could alternate with gdb or so ..

[18:14] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, nice idea

[18:15] <ericb2> Other suggestion  :

[18:15] <ericb2> 4) Introduction to the build system ( Mac, Linux and Windows)

[18:15] <ericb2> Part 1: prepare a build, the tools and so on.

[18:15] <ericb2> Part2 : build other products : ooo-build and OOo4Kids

[18:16] <ericb2> .. all of this could constitute a beginning of -sort of- course

[18:16] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, yes

[18:16] <ericb2> and thorsten maybe could enlight us about something graphical related ? Will suggest him ...

[18:17] <cbosdonnat> wouldn't it be nice to have some well-established sessions to repeat for newcomers ?

[18:17] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: good idea !

[18:17] * thorsten thinks screencast, or webinar ;)

[18:17] <cbosdonnat> thorsten, good idea

[18:17] * thorsten sneaks in from a call ;)

[18:18] <cbosdonnat> thorsten, that would allow us to provide more than simple text ;)

[18:18] <cbosdonnat> thorsten, we could start with webinars and then start to record them

[18:20] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, this would be good for the Eclipse session as there are a lot of graphical interface handling

[18:20] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: I don't know well those tools, but yes, I fully agree: let's experiment

[18:20] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, thorsten the crucial point is to find a way to avoid paying tools

[18:21] <ericb2> jza: when you'll read me : what do you suggest ? I know you know this domain too

[18:22] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: can we add the point: present a plan for ClassRooms organization, say next week (or in two weeks if the delay is too short) ?

[18:22] <jza> ericb2: uuuh... sorry I need to follow the conversation.

[18:24] <cbosdonnat> ericb2,

[18:24] <cbosdonnat>

[18:24] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, they only are Webinar tools :)

[18:24] <jza> ericb2: there was a virtual congress online last week, with speakers from all over the world, they used ustream and a mibbits IRC channel. This avoid us a lot of monolitic infrastructure like dimdim.

[18:24] <jza> I have used WizIQ in the past with good results.

[18:25] * ericb2 noticed everything

[18:25] <ericb2> jza: thank you

[18:25] <ericb2> ok, so I'll ask Mathieu Paret to investigate (his job after all ;)

[18:26] <ericb2> timeline : not the next meeting but in two weeks, for the results

[18:26] <ericb2> (proposed timeline)

[18:27] <ericb2> Other suggestions ?

[18:27] <ericb2> Next point ?

[18:27] <Twarz> Sure

[18:28] <ericb2> 3. A point for ongoing projects

[18:29] <ericb2> Ok, I got a lot to say, so I'll shoot first

[18:29] <ericb2> Project with Ecole Centrale Nantes : second part of the project started last year, about implement HP Tablet for PC. The cws name is : eraser01, and the current source code is based on mercurial, using milestone around m49.

[18:29] <cbosdonnat> Jayanga is still stalled with his machine crash... he is installing the first linux he could get a hand on

[18:29] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: sorry

[18:29] cbosdonnat ChanServ

[18:29] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: please finish

[18:29] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, oh, that's basically all for Jayanga

[18:30] * ericb2 not surprised

[18:30] <ericb2> Back to the project with ECN

[18:30] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I was really surprised to see that he produce mockups for the wrong wizard ;)

[18:30] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: oh ? Wow, indeed

[18:31] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, yes... that's real

[18:32] <ericb2> I'll add more info about the ECN project, to avoid people confused

[18:32] <ericb2> Introduction : since july, we had to rebase, with mercurial. Was a nightmare between svn and mercurial, at a point we were not sure the rebase (thanks to Throsten) was complete. To accelrate the project, I had to carefully compare both trees .

[18:32] <ericb2> Concerned : a group of 4 (5?) students

[18:33] <ericb2> I decied to help the students, because rebase and co is not trivial. That's done, and we now have some interesting patch, which allows us to start the real work

[18:33] <ericb2> Current known issues are :

[18:33] <ericb2> - we can change the pen width, but we need to do it twice, to set the effect

[18:33] <ericb2> - The eraser does not work at all

[18:33] <ericb2> - every action needs to be done twice (why ?)

[18:33] <ericb2> - the pen color is not initialized

[18:33] <ericb2> - something still wrong with the UI (some .src file)

[18:33] <ericb2> Concerned modules are : offapi, cppcanvas, sd, slideshow

[18:33] <ericb2> Todo for the current iteration :

[18:33] <ericb2> - fix all of issues

[18:33] <ericb2> - factorize the code

[18:33] <ericb2> - protect at build time, using #ifdef ENABLE_PRESENTER_EXTRA_UI

[18:33] <ericb2> - complete the specs

[18:34] <ericb2> Next iteration :

[18:34] <ericb2> - finalize the choice of the final features

[18:34] <ericb2> - QA

[18:34] <ericb2> - (, to be defined, what I forgot ... and so on)

[18:34] <ericb2> That all for the eraser01 project status

[18:34] * b_michaelsen (n=bm220373@nat/sun/session) has joined

[18:35] <ericb2> any news from other work in progress ?

[18:35] <Twarz> I'll say a few word about OOo4Kids' sugarization

[18:36] <Twarz> We currently are trying to set up a new organisation for the essential files of OOo4Kids: for OOo4Kids to work properly as a Sugar Activity, files need to be organized very neatly

[18:37] <Twarz> This isn't easy because we need to cut every un-needed files to take as little place as possible, but keep everything necessary. Also, it is pretty hard to organize them and make OOo4Kids

[18:37] <Twarz> launch correctly

[18:37] <Twarz> Sooo, we are still working on that.

[18:37] <ericb2> Twarz: I'm so sorry, I didn't work on that yet. Did you contact Stephan Bergmannn (alias sb) ?

[18:37] <ericb2> Twarz: this is the guy to ask for the reorganization

[18:37] <Twarz> (We didn't have as much time as we would like, some bugs came up on OOo4Kids and we tried to fix them)

[18:38] <Twarz> ericb2, I didn't yet, I didn't remember you asking me to contact him... I'll do it tomorrow at all cost

[18:39] <ericb2> Twarz: ask sb is the right way to proceed cleanly

[18:40] <ericb2> Twarz: Kidd thanks for your work

[18:40] * pierrep_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)

[18:40] <ericb2> Next point ?

[18:40] <Twarz> ericb2, thanks for your help !

[18:40] <ericb2> Twarz: you're welcome !

[18:40] <ericb2> 4. misc

[18:41] <ericb2> Misc means questions not listed in the agenda

[18:41] <ericb2> feel free to ask

[18:41] <ericb2> Next point will be : next meeting

[18:41] <Twarz> No question on my side

[18:42] <Kidd> no question too

[18:43] * ericb2 wanted to say : Next meeting : next week, same hour, means : Thursday 5th November 17:00 UTC or 18:00 CEST (Paris Hamburg)

[18:44] <ericb2> please confirm !

[18:45] <Twarz> Sure, fine with me

[18:45] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I'm not sure to be able to attend as this will be ooocon next week

[18:45] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: ah, yes, good catch

[18:45] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I guess it's pretty much the same for Thorsten

[18:46] <ericb2> maybe postpone the next meeting to the next week  ?

[18:46] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, ok for me

[18:46] <ericb2> would be the 12sd November instead

[18:46] <ericb2> yes, looks a better idea

[18:46] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, but this doesn't prevent you to have some status meeting next week as well :)

[18:47] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: I prefer see you and thorsten to help me ;)

[18:47] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I have just remembered that the mercurial classroom is on 11th of November [18:47] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, which is public holiday in France

[18:48] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: I know, but it was not that easy to find a date

[18:49] <ericb2> To be sure, did everybody notice the 12nd November as next meeting day for the Education Project ?

[18:50] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: of course: we provide them every time, and put them on the wiki

[18:51] <ericb2> Ok, if nobody objects, the meeting is over, and the log available at :

[18:51] <ericb2> thanks for attending, and see you !

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