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[18:03] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, where does the meeting take place ? here ?

[18:04] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: yes here

[18:04] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: we use to make the IRC meetings public

[18:04] <ericb2> thorsten: biiip

[18:04] <ericb2> fardad: ayt ?

[18:04] <ericb2> kidd: Twarz  ?

[18:04] <ericb2> pierrep: ?

[18:04] <Twarz> ericb2, I'm here

[18:04] <ericb2> Twarz: hello :)

[18:05] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: let's start ?

[18:05] <cbosdonnat> cbosdonnat, I'm ready

[18:05] <ericb2> ok

[18:05] <ericb2> As first beginning, we put everything on the wiki

[18:05] <ericb2> including the logs

[18:05] <ericb2>

[18:05] <kidd> ericb2, here

[18:05] Kamots|Away kidd

[18:05] <ericb2> kidd: hello

[18:06] <ericb2> Agenda :

[18:06] <ericb2> Reload the thing :

[18:06] <ericb2> Organize weekly IRC meetings

[18:06] <ericb2> Work with schools : the coming year

[18:06] <ericb2> - Ecole Centrale Nantes ( 5 sutdents )

[18:06] <ericb2> - Insa Lyon

[18:06] <ericb2> - UTBM

[18:06] <ericb2> - Seneca College ?

[18:06] <ericb2> Rules :

[18:06] <ericb2> welcome the students

[18:06] <ericb2> define a planning

[18:06] <ericb2> rules in the Project

[18:06] <ericb2> expected :

[18:06] <ericb2> - regular participation

[18:06] <ericb2> - regular contributions ( wiki mainly), but mailing lists

[18:06] <ericb2> Action Items :

[18:06] <ericb2> define official contacts for a given school  ?

[18:06] <ericb2> Prepare next meeting  : thursday 8th October 17h-18h or 18h-19h

[18:06] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: next meeting, I'll propose the agenda before the meeting ;)

[18:06] <ericb2> Point 1: Reload the thing :

[18:07] <ericb2> this is mandatory : lot of students are joining the project, and we must welcome them, and have regular occasions to welcome them, and answer general questions

[18:08] * ericb2 proposes weekly IRC meetings starting next week. With vacancy periods, during e.g. OOoCon or summer time

[18:08] * kidd has quit ("Quitte")

[18:08] * thorsten joins late

[18:09] <ericb2> thorsten: thanks for attending :)

[18:09] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, what is the usual agenda for the weekly team meetings ?

[18:09] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: 3 points, like welcome new students, whatever , and misc

[18:10] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: we used to count something around 30 to 45 min

[18:10] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: or action items : find volunteers

[18:10] cbosdonnat ChanServ

[18:11] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: + a point with one or another project can be presented by students

[18:11] <ericb2> everybody can organise whatever. Just add it on the agenda

[18:11] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, ok that point seems really interesting in a weekly meeting :D

[18:11] <thorsten> cool; so new student apparently is Ravipriya, looks like he's doing some security eval on OOo - not here anymore, but welcome Ravipriya anyway! :)

[18:11] thorsten Twarz

[18:11] * soneca ( has joined

[18:12] <ericb2> thorsten: I have other people in minds, who use to write me private mails. I'll inform them

[18:12] <cbosdonnat> Jayanga has also started to study how to create a UNO Calc Addin for OOEclipse

[18:12] <cbosdonnat> He isn't around now, but welcome Jayanga :)

[18:13] <thorsten> nice!

[18:14] <ericb2> we have Twarz and Kidd (bad connectivity if I remember correctly) from Epitech Paris too :)

[18:14] <ericb2> welcome Thomas and Abdelkader :-)

[18:15] <cbosdonnat> Twarz, what are you working on ? OOo4Kids ?

[18:15] <Twarz> Thanks, we've been here for a while now though :)

[18:15] <Twarz> cbosdonnat, yes. Working on the ui, performances, and eventually porting OOo4Kids on the XO... when we will receive them

[18:16] <ericb2> Next Point ?

[18:16]  <thorsten> Twarz: you make sure to blog *that*, will you? ;)

[18:16] <thorsten> ericb2: any news on ooo4kids, maybe?

[18:17] <Twarz> thorsten, for now we've been mostly using a wiki to record our progress, but we'll switch on a blog whith the XOs/work on sugar

[18:17] <ericb2> thorsten: I have, but I'd suggest to add the info in misc at the end

[18:17] <thorsten> 'k

[18:17] <ericb2> Twarz: don't forget to ask thorsten to add your blog on planet

[18:18] * thorsten has nothing more, except maybe this remotely education-relevant thing - ooo gsoc students will present their work at ooocon [18:18] <ericb2> thorsten: I will add the point too

[18:18] <ericb2> Point 2 : Work with schools : the coming year  ?

[18:19] <ericb2> This year, we'll continue the effort

[18:20] <ericb2> there is some intertia, but our visibility finaly helps

[18:20] <ericb2> What is scheduled :

[18:20] <ericb2> - Ecole Centrale Nantes ( 5 sutdents )

[18:20] <ericb2> - Insa Lyon (cedric ?)

[18:20] <ericb2> - UTBM

[18:20] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: how many students will join ?

[18:21] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, they still have a week to decide whether to join or not

[18:21] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I'm expecting a group of 4 students lead by Ismael

[18:21] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: would be great

[18:21] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: thanks for coordinating that

[18:22] <ericb2> fardad: maybe you can tell us some words about what will do Seneca College ?

[18:22] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I'll provide more infos when I'll have some

[18:23] cbosdonnat ChanServ

[18:23] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: that's ok

[18:24] <ericb2> about Ecole Centrale Nantes : 5 students will join

[18:25] <ericb2> thorsten: Jonathan is in the list ;)

[18:25] <thorsten> yay!

[18:25] <ericb2> the professor / follower is Morgan Magnin

[18:25] <ericb2> the students proposed to use a group tool, I don't know : Review Board

[18:26] <ericb2> and the subject will yet be the Tablet PC ( from HP )

[18:26] * pierrep has quit (

[18:26] * BLUG_Julien has quit (

[18:26] <ericb2> they will continue to improve the work in progress, and try to finish it, means integrate the code

[18:27] <ericb2> to constitute a success story, and start other projects

[18:27] <thorsten> review board is cool,

[18:27] <thorsten> for collaborating on patches

[18:27] <ericb2> thorsten: this is the idea

[18:28] <ericb2> other problem the students pointed is : IRC is not allowed in the school, and this is not that easy for them. Work in progress

[18:28] <ericb2> last, the report - this is mandatory- will be in english

[18:28] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, IRC will be a problem also at INSA

[18:28] <ericb2> weekly partial reviews will be made internally (in the school)

[18:28] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, IRC port is blocked by the school's firewalls

[18:29] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: same at UTBM :/

[18:29] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: the students proposed to join later

[18:29] <ericb2> why not: delay the IRC meetings to the evening ...

[18:30] <ericb2> Other proposal bu Ecole Centrale Nantes students is to use Redmine

[18:30] <ericb2> s/bu/by/

[18:31] <ericb2> About UTBM, we have already Mathieu Paret , alias Math2 or Math*

[18:31] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, that would be cool to set up those tools and try them on some project

[18:32] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: agreed

[18:32] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, would be nice to use them fully afterwards if the pilot is successful

[18:32] <ericb2> this semester : only one student (Mathieu), who will help us in different domains, like imrove the wiki look

[18:32] <ericb2> improve

[18:32] <ericb2> for next semester, I have good news

[18:32] <ericb2> my school agrees to pay me around 88 hours to teach online

[18:33] * thorsten high-fives ericb2 :)

[18:33] <ericb2> + I'll probably have two binoms of two students : one will write code, the other will work on OOo4Kids

[18:33] <ericb2> means work on the UX side, with professors, and children

[18:33] * ericb2 hides other good news, for a while ;)

[18:34] <ericb2> thorsten: the idea is to officialy involve my school

[18:34] <ericb2> there is a lot of inertia in academic, but once the thing is started, there are a lot of opportunities, and ideas

[18:35] <ericb2> and resources, what is basicaly good

[18:35] <ericb2> to be continued with UTBM

[18:35] <ericb2> Twarz: some words about what Epitech Paris will bring ?

[18:37] <Twarz> ericb2, we will probably do just as pierrep did last year: suggest, on the school's newsgroup, to help for the Effort. What we will bring specifically, though, I can't say.

[18:37] <ericb2> Twarz: I'll help you ;) Thomas and Abdelkader will work on the OOo4Kids sugarizations, and will have to propose UI and UX improvements. I hope soon, they will receive 3 machines : 2 XO 1 and one XO 1.5 (next generation)

[18:38] <Twarz> ericb2, but we might be able to motivate a few students to work with us for their training period next year

[18:38] thorsten Twarz

[18:38] <ericb2> Twarz: that's great

[18:38] <ericb2> the point is Twarz and abdel are already able to build, debug, trace and propose code for e.g. crashes or some littel task for both OOo4Kids and

[18:39] <ericb2> Point 3 : rules

[18:40] * pierrep ( has joined

[18:40] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to pierrep

[18:40] <ericb2> is there anything to add to the proposed rules ?

[18:40] <ericb2> for the record :

[18:40] * cbosdonnat will have to go for a while

[18:40] <ericb2> welcome the students

[18:40] <ericb2> define a planning

[18:40] <ericb2> rules in the Project

[18:40] <ericb2> expected :

[18:40] <ericb2> - regular participation

[18:40] <ericb2> - regular contributions ( wiki mainly), but mailing lists

[18:41] <ericb2> - become member, and why not Domain Developer a day

[18:42] * BLUG_Julien (n=julien@ has joined

[18:42] * Jayanga (n=chatzill@ has joined

[18:43] <ericb2> To add something, I proposed the

[18:43] <ericb2> Action Items :

[18:43] <ericb2> define official contacts for a given school  ?

[18:43] <ericb2> write the list of contacts for a given school

[18:43] <ericb2> opinions ?

[18:43] <thorsten> sounds good to me

[18:43] <ericb2> I know it's late, and the misc part will have two points: OOoCon 2009 and last OOo4Kids progress

[18:44] <ericb2> thorsten: that's in the box, and if people object, this will be on the mailing list

[18:44] <ericb2> Next point : OOoCon 2009 ?

[18:44] <ericb2> thorsten: please :)

[18:45] <thorsten> oh, I think I mentioned it already:

[18:46] <thorsten> the ooo gsoc students will have a joint panel presentation at ooocon,

[18:46] <thorsten> on Friday currently,

[18:46] <thorsten> to present their work

[18:47] <ericb2> thorsten: and your presentation is scheduled ... ?

[18:49] <ericb2> thorsten: ok, then I propsoe to add the point next week : more complete point about the OOoCon 2009

[18:49] <ericb2> the agenda is brand new, and does probably count some blockers ^^

[18:51] <ericb2> As starting point, I should have pointed the link  :

[18:52] <ericb2> From y side, I got two presentations, one about present the Education Project and its role inside OOo, the second will be about OOo4Kids

[18:52] <ericb2> the story

[18:53] <ericb2> but this is conditional : I'm not sure I'll be founded, so, complete in another meeitng is better

[18:55] <thorsten> yeah, funding seems to be still open. much to my surprise, travel needs to be booked ...

[18:55] <ericb2> thorsten: how things are organised is sub optimal this year on this point of view

[18:56] <ericb2> Last point before schedule the next meeting ?

[18:56] <ericb2> Was about : last OOo4Kids progress

[18:57] <ericb2> The 0.5 is downloadable ( ), for Linux, Mac and Windows. Concerned locales are fr, de, en-US, pt and es. Since, I implemented a new UI on Linux (only). Last I started to implement password in prefs, and a nwe Writer Wizard. Everything will be documented on the OOo4Kids wiki :

[18:59] <ericb2> I know time is precious for everybody : next meeting on thursday 18h to 19h ( Paris, Hamburg hour, i.e. 6:00 - 7:00 CEST )

[18:59] <ericb2> ?

[18:59] <Twarz> sure

[18:59] <ericb2> Thursday 8th October of course :)

[19:01] <ericb2> thanks a lot to all the one who attended. The log is available at :

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