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[18:07] <ericb2> Ok, let's starts

[18:07] <ericb2> Agenda for 15th of October 2009 meeting

[18:07] <ericb2> 1. Welcome new students/ devs

[18:07] <ericb2> 2. Present tools we use

[18:07] <ericb2> 3. present the state of work in progress for every project

[18:07] <ericb2> 4. misc

[18:07] <ericb2> 1 Welcome to the new students

[18:08] <ericb2> new students or new devs around ?

[18:08] * metrokid is here !

[18:08] <ericb2> metrokid: hey :)

[18:08] <metrokid> ericb2: ;-)

[18:08] <ericb2> metrokid: I remember you missed the previous meeting. Is Nelle around ?

[18:09] <metrokid> ericb2: I don't know, but I don't think so

[18:09] <ericb2> metrokid: we use to present ourselves, shortly

[18:09] <metrokid> ericb2: Ok!

[18:10] <metrokid> Hi ! My name is Jonathan Winandy, I am a student from Ecole Centrale de Nantes, and I am currently working with a group of student to stabilize an annotation feature in presenter.

[18:11] <ericb2> metrokid: welcome to you and your group :)

[18:11] <ericb2> metrokid: how long will be the task ?

[18:12] <ericb2> metrokid: said differently, how many weeks will you work on that ?

[18:13] <metrokid> ericb2: it's a 10 weeks long task

[18:13] * FabienD ( has joined

[18:14] <ericb2> metrokid: you are in the 2nd week, right ?

[18:14] <metrokid> ericb2: I don't know exactly when it should stop. Something like end of november, early december.

[18:14] <ericb2> metrokid: ok, noticed

[18:15] <metrokid> ericb2: I am not the one who is managing the schedule, sorry  ;-)

[18:16] <ericb2> metrokid: are other people of the group unable to join ? I'd like to meet them all, or at least have some contact with them

[18:16] * metrokid :-/ looking for a way to reach them all

[18:18] <ericb2> metrokid: ok.

[18:18] <ericb2> other new devs or students joining ?

[18:19] <ericb2> Next point : present the tools we use

[18:19] <ericb2> ?

[18:21] <ericb2> Ok, let's start

[18:22] <ericb2> in the tasks / projects we propose to the students

[18:22] <ericb2> there are several tools

[18:22] <ericb2> we'll try to present them, one after the other, soon

[18:24] <ericb2> the list is not that long : first diff and patch, gdb, dmake, and the last one : mercurial, aka hg

[18:24] <IZBot> News from mws: OOO320_m2 ready for use.

[18:25] <ericb2> for hg presentation, we are lucky : Heiner Rechtien, who did the migration svn toward hg, will present us a ClassRoom

[18:25] <metrokid> ericb2: today ?

[18:25] <ericb2> the date is not fixed, but this will very probably be a tuesday

[18:25] Matt1_ metrokid mmu_man

[18:26] <ericb2> metrokid: no :)

[18:26] <ericb2> for the other tools, we presented them already, but we'll redo

[18:26] <ericb2> as a ClassRoom too

[18:26] <ericb2> for the one discovering the concept, a ClassRoom is sort of course, around 20 to 30 minutes

[18:27] <ericb2> and questions, and practice (if time allows) at the end

[18:27] * metrokid will look for a classroom about gdb.

[18:28] * [BLUG]_Julien is now known as Julien_BLUG

[18:28] <Julien_BLUG> Are we still at the presentation phase?

[18:29] <ericb2> Julien_BLUG: no, but you can present you if you want :)

[18:29] <Julien_BLUG> quickly then

[18:30] <Julien_BLUG> Name is Julien, live in Beijing working for Dexxon China and I am managing OSS based educational solutions deployment in schools here. Regarding OOo, I am mostly interested in: 1. l10n in Chinese 2. MIPS port 3. GUI simplifications

[18:31] <ericb2> Julien_BLUG: be welcome too :)

[18:31] <Julien_BLUG> I do not code (or just some very small modifications) and OOo is way to complex for me but I can test, build and provide feedback

[18:31] <Julien_BLUG> ericb2, thank you

[18:32] <ericb2> Julien_BLUG: are you porting distributions to gdium too ? And wich one ?

[18:34] <Julien_BLUG> ericb2, myself not, I have been hacking a bit around Debian and customizing Mandriva for the Chinese market but that does not really count as ports

[18:34] <Julien_BLUG> more hacking around existing distros

[18:35] <Julien_BLUG> To be more precise, the Longson CPU is not officially supported by the Debian MIPS port but most packages are working okay

[18:36] <Julien_BLUG> So you can have Debian running using the Kernel and the drivers developed by Mandriva

[18:36] <Julien_BLUG> Apart from that we have Cocreate running and a very early port of Open Suse

[18:37] <ericb2> Julien_BLUG: that's nice

[18:37] jPau|Bot Julien_BLUG

[18:37] <Julien_BLUG> (Cocreate is a Debian based Chinese distro)

[18:37] <Julien_BLUG> Oh and a British guy has Gentoo running too

[18:38] <Julien_BLUG> Sorry am a bit off topic here

[18:38] <ericb2> Julien_BLUG: no, that's intersting, and shows to everybody the diversity of the poeple joining the Education Project

[18:39] <ericb2> Julien_BLUG: thanks a lot for that :)

[18:39] <ericb2> other new students/devs around ?

[18:39] <ericb2> Julien_BLUG: and don't forget to say hello to the BLUG too

[18:40] <ericb2> from our part

[18:40] <Julien_BLUG> For the new people here, I want to highlight one huge benefit of OOo4Kids that is the simplification of the toolbars that make OOo4Kids much easier to use on a 10" 1024x600 netbook screen

[18:41] <Julien_BLUG> ericb2, sure, we will have a OOo talk at the BLUG on december following the OOoConf

[18:42] <ericb2> Julien_BLUG: thanks. FYI, this is work in progress, and I'm (Twarz and kidd too) improving that more and more every day

[18:42] <Julien_BLUG> ericb2, yeah that's what I figured lurking around here, very encouraging :-)

[18:43] <ericb2> :)

[18:44] * kidd has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))

[18:44] <ericb2> Next point ?

[18:44] <ericb2> before to start with point 3, I'd like to add: I'll prepare something about the tools we'll use, and inform the mailing list

[18:45] * kidd ( has joined

[18:45] <ericb2> IMPORTANT: please subscribe to the mailing list, because this will be the vector of infiormation, e.g. informing everybody there is something happening, and where

[18:46] <ericb2> to subscribe, send a mail :

[18:46] <ericb2> then confirm, and that's all

[18:46] <ericb2> thanks

[18:47] <ericb2> So, next point is 3. present the state of work in progress for every project

[18:47] <ericb2> Twarz: ? metrokid ? Kamots ? a little point ?

[18:47] <Twarz> Sure

[18:47] <metrokid> Yep !

[18:48] * Kamots nods

[18:48] <Twarz> I'll quickly remind everybody about Kidd's and myself project: sugarizing OOo4Kids, meaning making it run on a XO with the sugar- specific application such as the journal

[18:49] * NelleV ( has joined

[18:49] <ericb2> NelleV: hello :)

[18:49] <NelleV> ericb2, hi

[18:49] <Twarz> We just succeeded in building OOo4Kids on Sugar (it was not easy), it is running fine on the XO except it's obviously slower than on a regular computer

[18:49] <NelleV> sorry 'im late

[18:50] * Julien_BLUG now remembers that some people have been working on porting Sugar on the Gdium

[18:51] <Twarz> The next step is to make Sugar recognize it as being an activity. It won't be easy because Sugar wa originally intended to work mostly with python application, and therefore have a lot of means to make an easy sugarization

[18:51] <Twarz> with python applications*

[18:52] <Twarz> It is still possible with a C/C++ program according to the Sugar labs members, so we will keep working on this way in the upcoming week.

[18:52] <Twarz> And that's mostly it...

[18:52] <ericb2> Twarz: thanks a lot for the information

[18:53] <ericb2> Twarz: and for your work kidd and you :)

[18:53] <Twarz> ericb2, you're welcome

[18:53] <ericb2> Scoop : kidd received the XO 1.5, but maybe he's too busy playing with it ;)

[18:54] <Twarz> ericb2, he told me he had some trouble running it but that after a few tries it worked well

[18:55] * Matt1__ ( has joined

[18:55] <ericb2> Twarz: that's great. Please don't forget to drop a mail to Adam Holt, saying him thank you

[18:55] <kidd> ericb2, Twarz it's fun to notice some differences between the XO-1 and XO-1.5 :D

[18:55] <Twarz> ericb2, sure, we'll also post about it o the blog

[18:56] * kau_mad (i=6fdfad48@gateway/web/freenode/x-uatmqlfropcahsee) has joined

[18:57] * kau_mad has quit (Client Quit)

[18:57] <ericb2> Matt1__: hello

[18:57] <Matt1__> Hello everybody

[18:58] <ericb2> Matt1__: we are at point 3. present the state of work in progress for every project

[18:58] <Matt1__> ericb2: ok

[18:58] <ericb2> Matt1__: can you please summarize where you are ?

[18:59] <ericb2> @all, Mathieu alias Matt1__ is reorganizing our wikis (both OOo and OOo4Kids one)

[18:59] * Twarz has quit ("Quitte")

[18:59] <ericb2> this is a mandatory work and what I have seen is already very interesting. An external point of view is always interesting in fact :)

[19:00] <Kamots> is Matt1__ only organzing the Education Projct's wiki though?

[19:00] <ericb2> if I forgot, Matt1__ is from UTBM ( the school where I'm working )

[19:00] <ericb2> Kamots:

[19:00] >Kamots< sorry :)

[19:01] <Matt1__> Kamots: it is my first work but next I'm working about OOo4kids wiki

[19:02] * pierrep_ has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))

[19:02] <Matt1__> Kamots: In Education Projct's wiki, I re-examined each page and I'm reorganizing them

[19:03] * Twarz ( has joined

[19:03] <ericb2> Matt1__: and you got an XO, haven't you ?  :)

[19:03] <Matt1__> ericb: yes of course

[19:04] <Matt1__> eicb2: I test OOo4kids on this

[19:04] <ericb2> Matt1__: ... and one other task will be to work with Twarz and kidd on improvements, and more if time allows

[19:04] * donmelaka_ (n=chatzill@ has joined

[19:05] <Matt1__> ericb2: for my present work (it is in french)

[19:05] * donmelaka_ has quit (Client Quit)

[19:05] <ericb2> Matt1__: please learn english ;)

[19:06] <Matt1__> ericb2: I'm sorry for my very bad english...

[19:06] <ericb2> Matt1__: no problem

[19:06] <ericb2> Matt1__: just remember, nobody will read you if you use french

[19:07] <Matt1__> ericb2: I prefer to have a good wiki before to feedback

[19:07] <ericb2> Matt1__: ok :)

[19:09] <Matt1__> ericb2: And the beginning of the new page (it is also in french but I'm translating this)

[19:09] * Matt1_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

[19:09] <Matt1__> ericb2: there will be many modifications

[19:10] <ericb2> Matt1__: ok. thanks for the point

[19:10] <ericb2> metrokid: your turn ? (shortly if you hesitate)

[19:10] <ericb2> metrokid: your turn ? (shortly if you hesitate)

[19:13] <metrokid> Just a short presentation about what we are doing at Ecole Centrale de Nantes. A couple of student worked on annotation feature last year and had quite nice results, but those results do not meet Sun's requirements||code quality in order to be pushed in a release. Our work is to increase the overall quality of the code in order to provide anotation featured in Openoffice by the end of this year or early next year.

[19:13] <metrokid> s/featured/features

[19:14] <ericb2> metrokid: I remember you had some issues with your build. Does the one I did work well ?

[19:15] <ericb2> metrokid: if this can help you, I got the old cws, and I'll try to extract the original diff (before the rebase causing troubles)

[19:15] <ericb2> metrokid: thus, I expect to see what is wrong

[19:16] <Julien_BLUG> metrokid, can you give an example of improvement? We are talking about the notes we can write when we select view >> Notes page from the main menu right?

[19:17] <metrokid> ericb2: I didn't push the test far today the build you did, I will give you a better feedback soon.

[19:17] <ericb2> metrokid: ok, great :)

[19:18] <metrokid> Julien_BLUG:

[19:18] <Julien_BLUG> metrokid, thanks I will check

[19:18] <metrokid> Julien_BLUG: and this one also :

[19:19] * Charitha (n=chatzill@ has joined

[19:19] <ericb2> anything else about work in progress ?

[19:20] <metrokid> Julien_BLUG: I think the last video is the best.

[19:20] <Charitha> Hello

[19:20] <ericb2> Charitha: hello :)

[19:20] Usage: MSG <nick> <message>, sends a private message

[19:20] <Charitha> hi eric2

[19:20] <Julien_BLUG> metrokid, youtube is blocked here so it's gonna take me a while to see the video ^^

[19:21] * Ravipriya (n=Ravi@ has joined

[19:22] <ericb2> Ravipriya: hello

[19:23] <Ravipriya> ericb2:hello

[19:23] <metrokid> Julien_BLUG:

[19:23] <ericb2> Ravipriya: we are just making a point about work in progress. If you consider you have something to add, please do

[19:23] <metrokid> Julien_BLUG: there is embed video, but with a lot of text in french.

[19:24] * Matt1_ ( has joined

[19:25] <Ravipriya> ericb2: please wait far few minutes

[19:25] <ericb2> Ravipriya: ok

[19:25] <ericb2> waiting, I'd like to repeat :

[19:25] <ericb2> lease subscribe to the mailing list, because this will be the vector of infiormation, e.g. informing everybody

[19:25] <ericb2> Please subscribe to the mailing list, because this will be the vector of infiormation, e.g. informing everybody

[19:26] <ericb2> there is something happening, and where

[19:26] <ericb2> o subscribe, send a mail :

[19:26] <ericb2> sorry

[19:26] <ericb2> to subscribe, send a mail :

[19:26] <ericb2> then confirm, and that's all

[19:29] <ericb2> Next point: misc questions ?

[19:30] <ericb2> any question ?

[19:30] * Matt1__ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))

[19:30] <Twarz> no question

[19:31] <Kamots> are we done this meeting already?

[19:31] Kamots kidd

[19:31] <ericb2> Kamots: no

[19:31] <ericb2> Kamots: you have something to add ?

[19:31] * andreasma (n=andi@ has joined

[19:31] <Kamots> ah ok

[19:33] <ericb2> Waiting people propose something, and because it's late, I'd like to propose the next meeting date / hour

[19:33] * soneca ( has joined

[19:33] <ericb2> Means : next week, on Thursday 22nd October, same hour  : : 16:00 UTC or 18:00 CEST (Paris Hamburg) or 4:30 pm Japan (Tokyo)

[19:35] * Kamots is now known as Kamots|Away

[19:35] <ericb2> please confirm if you agree the proposal

[19:35] * Jayanga (n=chatzill@ has joined

[19:35] <Kamots|Away> i agree

[19:35] <Matt1_> for next week, i agree

[19:35] <ericb2> +1 for me too

[19:36] <ericb2> at all : please stay tuned, we'll fix the date for the mercurial classrooom *soon* with Heiner Rechtien. The information will be posted on list

[19:37] * soneca ( has left

[19:38] <thorsten> date is fine for me, too

[19:38] <ericb2> Can we consider the meeting as over ?

[19:39] <ericb2> Last  : next time, I'd suggest to limit the agenda to 3 points, to be sure we won't have a 2 hours meeting ;)

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