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[18:01] ericb2 Ok, let's start

[18:01] ericb2 Point 1 : welcome to the newcomers and students

[18:02] ericb2 Gallomimia: if you are close, feel free to present yourself :)

[18:08] ericb2 ok, looks like the newcomers are silencious today :)

[18:09] deneb_alpha hi all! my name is Marina Latini,

[18:09] ericb2 deneb_alpha: hello :)

[18:10] Twarz hello Marina !

[18:10] deneb_alpha my wikiname is deneb

[18:10] deneb_alpha I'm an Italian translator for the OOo4kids project

[18:11] ericb2 deneb_alpha I suppose you contribute to the project too ?

[18:12] ericb2 deneb_alpha: I meant for the translations

[18:12] deneb_alpha yes...

[18:12] deneb_alpha I'm an OOo translator

[18:12] deneb_alpha and QA tester

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[18:14] ericb2 deneb_alpha mostly on Linux ?

[18:14] ericb2 here are mostly Linux and Mac users I think

[18:14] deneb_alpha I'm in those OOo projects from 1year

[18:14] deneb_alpha I'm a GNU/Linux user

[18:16] deneb_alpha I'm a computer sciences student

[18:18] deneb_alpha (sorry for my bad English!)

[18:18] ericb2 deneb_alpha: your english is better than mine ;) do you study some languages like C++ or .. ?

[18:19] deneb_alpha java in the past, now C,C++, asm, nasm

[18:20] deneb_alpha bash, php and just a bit python

[18:21] ericb2 deneb_alpha: wow ... that's great. I'm sure you can be extremely helpfull, including writing code

[18:22] deneb_alpha I don't know...

[18:22] ericb2 deneb_alpha: sure, maybe you prefer translate

[18:23] deneb_alpha ericb2: my level is low!

[18:23] deneb_alpha and the code is too big!

[18:24] deneb_alpha I must studing hard for writing code but i don't exclude this possibility

[18:25] ericb2 deneb_alpha: take your time, and ask, we'll try to answer your questions. And if we don't know the answer, we'll search someone wo knows

[18:26] deneb_alpha ok, thanks! is a pleasure for me

[18:26] ericb2 deneb_alpha: be welcome in the Education Project :)

[18:27] deneb_alpha thank you very much!

[18:27] ericb2 deneb_alpha : you're welcome :)

[18:28] ericb2 Other people joining us ?

[18:28] ericb2 Ok, maybe next point ?

[18:29] ericb2 I didn't set the meeting agenda (my mistake), but if nobody objects, I'd like to propose :

[18:29] ericb2 Point 2 : a point on ongoing projects

[18:29] ericb2 Point 3 Orgnize the next ClassRooms

[18:29] ericb2 4 Misc questions

[18:32] ericb2 Let's start with Point 2 then : a point on ongoing projects

[18:32] ericb2 Twarz: I know you have something to say :)

[18:33] Twarz ericb2, indeed I have

[18:33] Twarz ericb2, so, in the new episode of "OOo4Kids on the XOs"

[18:34] Twarz ericb2, a quick reminder - trying to adapt OOo4Kids on the XO, which means having to modify the code and the organization of the files

[18:35] Twarz ericb2, the first step was to modify the X properties on the XO. We have been working this past week, with the great help of ericb2 here and Stephan Bergmann, on modifying the tree of file of the installation set of OOo4Kids

[18:36] Twarz ericb2, most of the work is done, and everything is functionnal. So we decided to prepare the first official OOo4Kids package which user will be able to use to install OOo4Kids on their XO

[18:37] Twarz Unfortunately, this process takes quite some time and we went through a lot of trouble fighting symlinks and other errors... but in the end, it will work out - the package is currently being built

[18:38] Twarz the first is that OOo4Kids will have to be able to interact with the "journal", a unique Sugar feature which allow it's user to easily track everything they have been doing on their XO

[18:38] Twarz ericb2, let's hope so :)

[18:38] Twarz that first task will be handled by kidd who is present with us

[18:39] kidd I will try my best ;)

[18:39] Twarz the second task is to prevent OOo4Kids to write everywhere in the system - this is a special rule integrated by Sugar in order for it's users not to mess everything - remember they are only children.

[18:39] Twarz I will be the one handling this task

[18:40] Twarz After that, most of the work for an official and complete sugarization of OOo4Kids will be done !

[18:40] ericb2 Twarz: I'd suggest you to contact Mathias Bauer, as framework specialist for the save task

[18:40] ericb2 Twarz: not sure you'll have the time to finish before the end of your application

[18:40] Twarz We will also try to provide an amelioration in the performances of OOo4Kids - even though, despite it's little power, the XO is currently able to run it pretty well !

[18:41] Twarz ericb2, we'll do everything we can and document everything so that our work won't be lost for our potential successor !

[18:41] ericb2 Twarz: That's a very good decision. Anyway, you are welcome to continue if you want ;)

[18:42] kidd just to say one thing, on the XO-1.5, the launch of OOo4Kids is faster than on some OS I won't talk about ;)

[18:42] Twarz ericb2, we will probably keep contributing for the project - though our priority will be to continue our studies ;)

[18:42] ericb2 kidd: lol

[18:43] Twarz I also announce that we will soon be able to provide a compilation server to the EducOOo association - it will be able to help you build OOo4Kids on both sugar and Linux, than download the installation set very easily

[18:43] Twarz Here too, we are both trying our best.

[18:43] Twarz Oh, and windows of course

[18:43] Twarz I almost forgot it ;)

[18:43] ericb2 Twarz: wow. Thanks a lot, and thanks to your school !

[18:44] Twarz ericb2, the pleasure is ours, truly

[18:44] ericb2 (and to the one who donated the machines, but who prefer not be nominated, on their behalf )

[18:45] ericb2 Twarz: and next week, I remember you and kidd represent us at the Educatice event, Paris, right ?

[18:45] Twarz Yes. We received 6 computers, freely. That was very nice of him !

[18:46] Twarz ericb2, indeed, we will both be present with our XOs and a working copy of OOo4Kids to show them and speak about EducOOo, olpcand the education project.

[18:46] Twarz Once again, we will do our best to sensibilise people to the work of the association

[18:47] ericb2 Twarz: if you have the occasion, don't forget to talk about the Education Project effort, and the tasks we can propose to the students

[18:48] * xtow_ (n=lillo@ has joined

[18:48] Twarz ericb2, sure - we will probably make a point with you before going if it's alright with you

[18:48] xtow_ hi

[18:48] ericb2 xtow_: hello :)

[18:49] xtow_ I'm lillox on the ooo4kids channel

[18:50] xtow_ I make same mistake

[18:50] xtow_ whit the login in the channel

[18:52] ericb2 xtow_: here is the Education project IRC channel, and we welcome people, students (... or not sometimes) :-)

[18:53] xtow_ I'm a teacher

[18:53] ericb2 xtow_: you are welcome too :)

[18:53] xtow_ primary school

[18:54] ericb2 xtow_: ah, that's interesting. I'll have a lot to say (later) to you

[18:54] xtow_ I manage the informatic laboratory in the school

[18:54] ericb2 xtow_: I'm working with french teachers, and your contribution is warmly welcome

[18:57] xtow_ and I an active member in a italian debian community

[18:58] ericb2 xtow_: the Italian Community seems to be extremely active

[18:59] ericb2 xtow_: and back to the discussion, e.g. I know well the french educatinonal system, and I'd like to know more the italian one. We certainly will have further discussions soon :)

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[19:02] <xtow_> it's a hard work to change collegues minds

[19:03] <xtow_> unfortunally the closed system is the most used

[19:04] <ericb2> xtow_: we have the same problem in France too, and other countries, for sure

[19:05] <ericb2> Looking at the clock, I see it's late. Can we continue with point 3 : Organize the next ClassRooms ?

[19:06] <xtow_> most people find more convenient using crack than using open source program

[19:06] <xtow_> it's a shame

[19:07] <ericb2> xtow_: there you are sure people are serious ;-)

[19:08] <ericb2> to save time, we could just decide 3 ClassRooms, e.g. one for cbosdonnat , one for Twarz and me, and maybe oher ( thorsten ? )

[19:10] <ericb2> Twarz: what about a ClassRoom the wednesday 2nd of december, first part about gdb  ? Both you and me

[19:10] cbosdonnat ChanServ

[19:10] <Twarz> ericb2, sure

[19:10] <ericb2> Twarz: Ok, I'll add it to the agenda

[19:10] <Twarz> ericb2, transmitting the knoledge I've gained will be a nice way to finish my training period ;)

[19:11] <ericb2> Twarz: that's why I propose that before you're gone ;)

[19:11] <ericb2> b_michaelsen: you are free to propose something too

[19:14] <ericb2> Ok, it's very late, and We'll make it short today

[19:14] <ericb2> other misc questions ?

[19:15] <Twarz> No question

[19:15] <ericb2> last effort : next meeting next week same day, same hour : 19th November, 18:00 CET (Paris Hamburg)

[19:15] <ericb2> please confirm

[19:17] <Twarz> Sure, fine with me

[19:18] <ericb2> +1 for me too

[19:18] <xtow_> ok

[19:18] <deneb_alpha> I'cant...

[19:18] <kidd> i'm okay ;)

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