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[13:02] <arthurb> hello

[13:03] <ericb2> arthurb: hello

[13:03] <ericb2> (fast) meeting time

[13:03] <ericb2> ?

[13:03] <arthurb> let me try to get in toucch w/ cyril

[13:03] <ericb2> ok

[13:04] <arthurb> he'll be right there

[13:11] <arthurb> struggling with his internet connection

[13:13] * clemat (~4efaf4e9@gateway/web/freenode/x-ziuwobnbddypwdlh) has joined

[13:13] <clemat> hi

[13:13] <ericb2> clemat: hello

[13:13] <clemat> excuse moi, I have lots of connection problem here

[13:13] <ericb2> let's start ?

[13:13] <arthurb> ok

[13:14] <ericb2> Just one point: where are you with your task/project ?

[13:14] <arthurb> we did the final presentation this morning

[13:14] <ericb2> arthurb: ok

[13:15] <arthurb> we gave the final report yesterday

[13:15] <ericb2> arthurb: why didn't you advertise me ?

[13:15] <ericb2> arthurb: is the report available ? I'd like to put it online. If possible

[13:16] <arthurb> yes although it's written in french

[13:16] <arthurb> we got mixed up on that

[13:16] <arthurb> sorry

[13:16] <ericb2> arthurb: :/

[13:16] <ericb2> arthurb: nobody will read it

[13:17] <ericb2> arthurb: we lose one occasion to show what has been done by student for the Education Project

[13:17] <ericb2> arthurb: no consideration about code or not code writtent. Every experience is interesting for us

[13:17] <ericb2> written

[13:18] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat ok, and what was said ?

[13:18] <arthurb> ericb2: well we intend to modify the wiki in that intention so that people can know more about what all the groups have been working on

[13:18] <ericb2> arthurb: good idea

[13:18] <ericb2> arthurb: was it question to continue the effort ?

[13:19] <arthurb> ericb2: i mean we think the wiki should reflect more what's been done so far also for easier integration of new comers

[13:19] <arthurb> ericb2: of course

[13:19] <ericb2> arthurb: great :)

[13:19] <arthurb> ericb2: this project is only a milestone

[13:19] <ericb2> arthurb: are the next students known ?

[13:19] <arthurb> ericb2: they will not be until next year

[13:19] <ericb2> arthurb: you mean september ?

[13:20] <arthurb> ericb2: yes

[13:20] <arthurb> ericb2: morgan magnin is available though if you wish

[13:20] <ericb2> arthurb: do sort of applications say .. during the summer exist in your school ?

[13:20] <ericb2> arthurb: ok. I'll contact him

[13:20] <arthurb> ericb2: hem... only for students who haven't found their internhsip

[13:20] <arthurb> ericb2: mainly foreigners

[13:21] <ericb2> arthurb: ok. our need is to have people working continuously

[13:21] <arthurb> ericb2: it's not very common

[13:21] <ericb2> arthurb: I have the same issue with students frm my school

[13:21] <arthurb> ericb2: not much happens during the students' internships

[13:21] <ericb2> arthurb: ok

[13:21] <clemat> ericb2: ok, we will contact morgan magnin

[13:22] <ericb2> arthurb: would you be kind to send me a report (by email, if possible)

[13:22] <arthurb> ericb2: of course

[13:22] <ericb2> clemat: thanks

[13:22] <ericb2> arthurb: I'll read it asap (this week end certainly)

[13:23] <arthurb> ericb2: i can't find your email addres at the moment

[13:23] <ericb2> do you know how many students will join  ?

[13:23] <ericb2> arthurb: oh ?  :)

[13:24] >arthurb< eric.bachard@free dot fr

[13:24] <arthurb> ericb2: well it will be the same schema as this year and last year

[13:24] <ericb2> arthurb: ok

[13:24] <arthurb> ericb2: 6 people for the first 3 months

[13:24] <ericb2> arthurb: I really would like to work on the primitives, and some other things I thought

[13:24] <arthurb> ericb2: then 2 people (or more if they decide to carry more than one project but you will have to convince morgan magnin with that)

[13:24] <ericb2> arthurb: well, I'll ask Morgan to invite them asap

[13:25] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat continue your work is important, and your report is important

[13:26] <arthurb> ericb2: i can't find you email addres on your website, am I looking at the wrong place ?

[13:27] <ericb2> arthurb: I try to avoid that, else, zillions of bots will be happy to fill my mailbox for years :)

[13:27] <clemat> ericb2: we can't code anymore, because we gave back the tablet pc to Morgan Magnin this morning, but we can work on the wiki and on the report

[13:27] <ericb2> clemat: I'm pretty sure you can continue to code ;)

[13:27] <ericb2> clemat: the presentation mode works with the mouse too ;)

[13:28] <ericb2> clemat: but you can say you will not code, what is a bit different.

[13:29] <ericb2> clemat: anyway, if you continue, you are welcome, but I perfectly understand you are busy and can have other priorities than this project right now

[13:30] <arthurb> ericb2: allright :)

[13:30] <ericb2> ok, I'll hve to stop (got 4 hours of courses this afternoon )

[13:30] <ericb2> see you later ?

[13:31] <arthurb> ericb2: see you later

[13:31] <clemat> ericb2: It hard to say right now if I will code again

[13:31] <clemat> ericb2: because I have to move to Paris and do my intership

[13:31] <ericb2> clemat: ok

[13:31] <clemat> ericb2: but I would like to continue if I have some times to spend to it

[13:31] <clemat> ericb2: I let you know in the week

[13:31] <ericb2> clemat: ok

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