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[10:32] ericb2 arthurb: clemat : let's start ?

[10:32] ericb2 FelixZ: np

[10:32] arthurb ericb2: ok

[10:32] cbosdonnat ericb2, meeting? I wasn't aware of any meeting

[10:32] clemat ericb2: ok

[10:32] ericb2 cbosdonnat: this is a presentation meeting

[10:33] ericb2 cbosdonnat: we welcome two students from Ecole Centrale Nantes ( arthurb and clemat ), and prepare their planning

[10:33] FelixZ ericb2: The mail has been sent, I have to leave now and will wait for your reply, thank you very much in advance. :)

[10:33] ericb2 FelixZ: thanks. I'll answer you today, but later

[10:33] farlog FelixZ fong_ froumi

[10:33] ericb2 FelixZ: you're welcome

[10:33] cbosdonnat ericb2, ok

[10:33] FelixZ ericb2: No problem. Bye. :)

[10:33] ericb2 As reminder :

[10:33] * FelixZ has quit ("Leaving.")

[10:33] ericb2 Agenda for 29th of January 2010 meeting

[10:33] ericb2 1. Welcome new students/ devs

[10:33] ericb2 2. Planning for the ECN project ( January - March 2010 )

[10:33] ericb2 3. misc (add your questions)

[10:34] cbosdonnat ericb2, I'll probably be missing as I have loads of stuffs to do at home

[10:34] ericb2 cbosdonnat: no problem, the log will be put on the wiki

[10:34] cbosdonnat ChanServ clemat

[10:34] ericb2 Point 1 : Welcome new students

[10:35] arthurb ericb2: thanks

[10:35] ericb2 clemat: arthurb we use to welcome students joining the project, and ask them to present themselves briefly

[10:35] cbosdonnat ericb2, does the meeting run right now ?

[10:35] cbosdonnat or in the evening as usual?

[10:35] ericb2 cbosdonnat: yes it does

[10:35] arthurb ericb2: ok i'll start

[10:35] cbosdonnat ericb2, ok... then it's ok :)

[10:35] ericb2 cbosdonnat: no now because I got a zillions of things to do

[10:35] ericb2 cbosdonnat: next time will be the evening, sure

[10:37] arthurb ericb2: as cyril i'm a last year student at Ecole Centrale de Nantes majoring in Computer Science and (unlike Cyril) in entrepreuneurship. I intend to do my final year internship in R&D abroad and would like to work in that field too

[10:37] arthurb ericb2: I have propects within Philips R&D for medical image processing

[10:37] arthurb ericb2: in germany

[10:38] ericb2 arthurb: thanks for your presentation. How did you hear of the Education Project ?

[10:39] arthurb ericb2: through you :)

[10:39] ericb2 arthurb: at RMLL ?

[10:40] arthurb ericb2: actually i wanted to experience working on a project such as openoffice and morgan magnin had such a project

[10:40] arthurb ericb2: i didn't know about the education project until i was presented with this project

[10:41] clemat ericb2: So indeed I'm too at Centrale Nantes majoring in COmputer Science and I do too a R&D specialisation. I will make My final year internship at Sopra in Paris

[10:41] ericb2 arthurb: Thanks for the information :we'll have to improve, and thanks a lot for your choice ; We'll do our best to satisfy your curiosity :)

[10:41] ericb2 clemat: nice : I'm specialized in optics ;)

[10:41] arthurb ericb2: sounds great

[10:42] ericb2 clemat: if I'm not confused, sopra is a factory of precision optics, isn't it ?

[10:42] arthurb ericb2: yes you're a physics teacher right ?

[10:42] ericb2 arthurb: exact. Applied Physics

[10:43] ericb2 arthurb: Acousto Opto Electronics, to use the wild language

[10:43] cbosdonnat ericb2, Sopra is also an IT Service company...

[10:43] clemat ericb2: not at all :) it's an ss2i

[10:43] ericb2 clemat: ah .. lol

[10:43] * ericb2 hides

[10:43] clemat ericb2: lol

[10:43] * ericb2 likes physics too much ;-)

[10:44] arthurb ericb2: haha

[10:44] ericb2 ok, clemat and arthurb : be welcome in the Education Project

[10:44] clemat ericb2: thank you

[10:44] arthurb ericb2: thank you

[10:45] ericb2 I think we can start Point 2

[10:45] ericb2 Planning for the ECN project ( January - March 2010 )

[10:45] arthurb ericb2: yes

[10:46] ericb2 arthurb: clemat : the rules are very simple : most of the things are done asynchronously, and we need to be informed easely, and fastly about the last step. A good solution is to centralize the information on an comon place: the OOo wiki

[10:47] ericb2 arthurb: clemat to fix things, regular IRC meetings are scheduled too

[10:47] ericb2 we'll schedule one at the end of the current meeting

[10:47] arthurb ericb2: ok

[10:48] ericb2 we have not that much of time ( January to March), and the second rule is : be regularly present on the channel, to avoid lost weeks (or more sometimes)

[10:48] ericb2 another sane rule is to ask when something goes wrong

[10:49] ericb2 nobody knows everythin (me the first), but we can ask someone else if we are stuck

[10:49] arthurb ericb2: sounds like nice people

[10:50] ericb2 as I wrote, but repeat is not a bad idea : thorsten, cbosdonnat and me are there to help you

[10:50] arthurb ericb2: (i will have a question at the end of the meeting...)

[10:51] ericb2 arthurb: clemat  : thorsten can help you for a lot of things on the Impress, Graphics, and more side

[10:51] ericb2 arthurb: clemat cbosdonnat domain is Writer, and Java

[10:52] ericb2 arthurb: from my side, I think I know well the build system (all OSs) and the low level and a bit the framework part ( vcl, svx, sfx, framework ), but not only

[10:52] ericb2 arthurb: clemat as you can see, we do not know everything in OOo, and for some domains, we'll have to ask other devs

[10:53] ericb2 back to the planning : we have, all in all 10 weeks

[10:54] ericb2 arthurb: clemat the two first weeks will be to build your own set, discover the tools we use, and start to learn debugging OOo

[10:54] ericb2 remain 8 weeks

[10:54] arthurb ericb2: yes

[10:55] ericb2 in parallel, the exact content of the project must be decided

[10:55] ericb2 arthurb: clemat do you have one or two HP Tablet PC ?

[10:55] clemat ericb2: we have one

[10:56] ericb2 and you can meet regularly at school, outside ?

[10:57] ericb2 I think so

[10:58] ericb2 clemat: arthurb : do you have ideas about the subject  ?

[10:58] ericb2 I got some, but we'll hear your proposal first

[10:59] arthurb ericb2: well...we're not so familiar with the canvas

[10:59] arthurb ericb2: so maybe it'd be more interesting to go with your ideas first

[11:00] * clemat has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)

[11:00] ericb2 arthurb: as starting point, more brainstorming, I suggest to test the eraser1 cws

[11:00] ericb2 arthurb: and notice what is correct, what is wrong

[11:01] ericb2 arthurb: and what you'd see to continue the effort

[11:01] arthurb ericb2: ok

[11:01] ericb2 arthurb: one of my idea was to draw primitives

[11:02] ericb2 arthurb: and think to an intelligent contextual menu. If you know the Wii, the draw toy is fantastic

[11:02] arthurb ericb2: primitives ?

[11:02] arthurb ericb2: (cyril is not connected but he's here with me)

[11:02] ericb2 arthurb: square, circle, ellipse

[11:02] ericb2 arthurb: I have seen

[11:02] arthurb ericb2: we know the Wii

[11:02] ericb2 arthurb: I was sure ;-)

[11:04] arthurb ericb2: on the description of our subject the notion of canvas was mentioned, does this have something to do with it ?

[11:04] * clemat (i=8242cfc4@gateway/web/freenode/x-sekgyujfjtmdogux) has joined

[11:04] arthurb ericb2: (bad network here at the school...)

[11:05] ericb2 arthurb: yes, this is the idea. But a canvas is complicated, and we have to manage the UI and UX parts. Now, if we think to the speakers needs, the first primitive we could play with, could be empty rectangles (to highlight a text, or empy ellipses

[11:05] ericb2 arthurb: no more. Present the principle, and a proof of conccept

[11:06] arthurb ericb2: (UX ?)

[11:06] ericb2 arthurb: this is really enough for the time you have

[11:06] ericb2 arthurb: User Experience

[11:06] arthurb ericb2: ok

[11:06] ericb2 arthurb: UI == User Interface ( != UI )

[11:06] arthurb ericb2: yes i knew that one

[11:10] arthurb ericb2: ok so that is really following the previous projects

[11:10] ericb2 arthurb: yes, but if you want to add something new, this is the time

[11:11] arthurb ericb2: i'd love to add something but really i barelly know the module i can't think of anything

[11:11] ericb2 arthurb: so we'll follow the simple way : build your set, discover the tools, and start debugging

[11:12] arthurb ericb2: ok

[11:12] ericb2 arthurb: in meantime, you'll ask and we'll explain how things work.

[11:12] arthurb ericb2: ok we'll do that

[11:12] ericb2 arthurb: clemat : please notice carefully everything you do. Including details, and verify with other people the result is usable

[11:13] arthurb ericb2: noted

[11:14] clemat ericb2: ok

[11:14] arthurb ericb2: is there something else we should discuss before setting the date of the next meeting ?

[11:14] ericb2 Please : use the OOo wiki. now, we have to agree the tasks

[11:15] ericb2 arthurb: yes, we have to agree the tasks you'll have to complete

[11:15] arthurb ericb2: ok

[11:15] ericb2 first part, does not need building/coding knowlege : test the eraser1, and notice the issues, and ideas to improve it

[11:16] ericb2 second is learning the OOo tools, build OOo , start debugging and be familiar : I propose week 1 and 2

[11:17] arthurb ericb2: agreed

[11:17] ericb2 third task : propose a proof of concept, to draw primitives (like simple rectangle at the beginning), and using a contextual menu

[11:18] ericb2 arthurb: clemat : if this is not possible, what we can understand, this must bz clearly justified

[11:18] ericb2 last task : define the specs, and work with UX people

[11:19] clemat ericb2: noted

[11:19] ericb2 clemat: thre are specification project and user experience projct, and you'll have to contact and work with them

[11:21] ericb2 clemat: arthurb for the next meeting, as Action Item, I ask you to prepare a Gantt diagram, or any way of your choice, to define more precisely the planning

[11:21] clemat ericb2: so maybe we could have a small meeting at the same time next week to check the avancement of the first task

[11:22] ericb2 clemat: we can do a little point every day if you want at the begining. Not precise meetings, but continuous work

[11:23] clemat ericb2: ok, should be better

[11:23] ericb2 clemat: we are not always in front of the screen, but ask and we'll try to answer later

[11:23] cbosdonnat ChanServ clemat

[11:24] arthurb ericb2: ok

[11:24] ericb2 clemat: about the new feature : Olivier Girardot report will be extremely helpfull as starting poing

[11:24] ericb2 arthurb: clemat very soon, you'll have to understand how something is drawn in Impress

[11:25] ericb2 after some time, you should concentrate only on the slideshow part

[11:26] ericb2 don't remember we have 10 weeks, not more, and that's not much

[11:27] arthurb ericb2: yes i was talking with the previous group and they confirm that point

[11:27] ericb2 Point 3 : Misc questions  ?

[11:28] arthurb ericb2: i believe they will come as we get deeper in the project, idon't have any right now (apart from an error in ./config)

[11:30] clemat ericb2: me niether

[11:31] ericb2 I you don't have questions, I'd suggest to define the date of the next meeting

[11:32] arthurb ericb2: next friday ?

[11:32] arthurb ericb2: same time?

[11:32] ericb2 arthurb: 10h30 ?

[11:32] ericb2 cbosdonnat: thorsten : is it ok for you ?

[11:35] ericb2 If nobody disagree, let's do that the next friday 10h30 CET, 11h30 UTC

[11:36] arthurb ericb2: ok we're available friday morning if the time is not convenient for someone (maybe not too early though...)

[11:36] cbosdonnat ericb2, it's ok for me

[11:39] ericb2 arthurb: currently this is ok, but once I'll restart with my courses, we'll have to change

[11:39] arthurb ericb2: fine

[11:39] ericb2 and I won't be there between 7th and 14th february (holidays), so probably no meeting this week

[11:39] ericb2 Everybody ok ?

[11:40] arthurb ericb2: we have a week of vacations from feb 20th till feb 27th

[11:40] arthurb ericb2: we're ok here

[11:40] ericb2 arthurb: noticed. Please remind the information in the next meeting

[11:40] ericb2 End of Meeting

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