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[13:59] <njeudy> helllllllooooooooooo :)

[14:00] <njeudy> rbircher: ping

[14:00] <rbircher> hello njeudy

[14:01] <rbircher> Website meeting?

[14:01] <njeudy> rbircher: it ok for you ?

[14:01] <rbircher> njeudy, yes

[14:01] <rbircher> We make it here in the channel?

[14:02] <njeudy> rbircher: as you wish ? or private ?

[14:02] <louis_to> hi all

[14:02] <louis_to> happy new year

[14:02] <njeudy> someone interrested to discuss on content an organisation of website ?

[14:03] <njeudy> hi louis :)

[14:03] <rbircher> Wath's the Point of the Website meeting

[14:04] <njeudy> rbircher: I think we need to discuss about content and who dis what ?

[14:04] <njeudy> s/dis/did

[14:04] <rbircher> I think, we talk here in the channel, so erveyone can flow the discussion

[14:05] <rbircher> njeudy, yes, but first, I like to talk about the tool page

[14:06] <njeudy> ok

[14:07] <rbircher> I have not the time to look into the cood

[14:07] <njeudy> rbircher: ask for your question

[14:07] <rbircher> code

[14:07] <njeudy> rbircher: I use the library

[14:08] <njeudy> for me the only probleme is that it is javascript only accessible :)

[14:08] <rbircher> you can shortly explain how it work?

[14:09] <njeudy> ok. For now it's simple: i create a grid (extjs object) with a filter (first line of each project).

[14:10] <njeudy> to populate the gris I use a arrayStore (simple javascript array) but it could be a JSONstore (so i could be dynamic over Mysql for example)

[14:12] <rbircher> I think, this site will be good for the first time

[14:12] <njeudy> you see ?

[14:13] <rbircher> But we well create a Tool for a PHP MySQL Server

[14:14] <rbircher> that we can put on the part

[14:15] <rbircher> Wath do you think about?

[14:16] <louis_to> can we see example ?

[14:18] <rbircher>

[14:19] <rbircher>

[14:20] <njeudy> rbircher: I don't know, for me must only contains HTML and JS file, and file webservices, can connect through a repository in an other server .. or other :)

[14:21] <njeudy> I have a serveur that can be use to upload teacher files, doc etc ..

[14:21] <njeudy> with mysql and svn access for example ..

[14:22] <rbircher> You have enough traffic

[14:22] <louis_to> the only issues would be to have information about the mail lists/forums and ideally soemthing obvious for newbies how they can contribute.

[14:22] <louis_to> the layout is nice and clean

[14:23] <louis_to> and I just saw the info about lists: blue on black is Not obvious

[14:23] <louis_to> :--)

[14:23] <louis_to> but nice

[14:23] <louis_to> oh, en francais, je l'aime

[14:23] <rbircher> But the layout has a error

[14:23] <njeudy> rbircher: yes traffic illimited :)

[14:24] <njeudy> louis_to: i will correct blue on black :)

[14:24] <njeudy> rbircher: layout error ? where ?

[14:26] <rbircher> In one of my firefox

[14:26] <rbircher> The frame is to large

[14:26] <njeudy> rbircher: wich frame ? can yu give be the id ?

[14:27] <rbircher>

[14:27] <njeudy> wich frame is to big ? can you take a screenshot ?

[14:28] <rbircher> This one who count the tools

[14:29] <sankarshan> There's a small typo on the top of the page : s/Projet/Project

[14:29] <sankarshan> :)

[14:30] <rbircher> njeudy, It's not in all Gecko Browsers

[14:30] <njeudy> sankarshan: I don't see Projet in page? just project ?

[14:31] <sankarshan> Mission of the Education projet <--

[14:31] <njeudy> ah ok i missed it :)

[14:32] <njeudy> rbircher: if you can send me a screenshot I will try to correct it :) I tested it on firefox 1.5 and 2.0 , and will try with firefox 3beta

[14:33] <njeudy> Did the use of javascript hurt you for the website ?

[14:33] <rbircher> With 1.5 under Windows its Ok

[14:33] <njeudy> With 1.5 under linux too :)

[14:33] <rbircher> With a preversion from 3.0 under Mac, I have a problem

[14:34] <njeudy> I mean, browser without javascipt enable will see nothing in place of grid .. ..

[14:34] <njeudy> rbircher: I will try with firefox 3 :) possible bug of firefox ? ;)

[14:35] <rbircher> Savari has the same problem

[14:35] <njeudy> somone can try with ie5.5 to see if png are ok ?

[14:35] <njeudy> rbircher: arg .. so it a bug of me :)

[14:36] <njeudy> rbircher: i will install firefox 3 to see where is the problem ok ?

[14:36] <rbircher> I think, you forget to close a tag or so

[14:37] <njeudy> rbircher: on the two pages ? index and tools ?

[14:38] <rbircher> Looks lonly on tools

[14:39] <rbircher> Ok, but we will find the bug

[14:40] <rbircher> next topic

[14:40] <rbircher> ?

[14:40] <njeudy> rbircher: so we have to decide what to put in 3 boxes

[14:41] <sankarshan> A question please : what are the boxes meant to be ? Placeholder for static or dynamic information ... ?

[14:41] <rbircher> I don't know, wath we can put into

[14:41] <njeudy> I think one for teachers with join the project,documents repository, extensions repository, and help link

[14:42] <njeudy> sankarshan: for me it'is to have direct access to content we need, group by function (teacher, developper, other for example)

[14:43] <njeudy> one for developper with TODO, guide for developping OOo extension ...

[14:43] * sankarshan muses if it would be a good idea to change on a quarterly basis the content of each of the boxes to point to one of the OO.o projects and subprojects thus emphasizing that this project is a gateway towards mentoring for contribution to existing projects

[14:43] <njeudy> one for The team with who we are, contact us ... ?

[14:44] <njeudy> sankarshan: I did not understand ..

[14:44] <rbircher> We have not a central adres njeudy

[14:45] <rbircher> only the mailing list

[14:45] <sankarshan> Umm.. I was thinking about the fact that the Education Project aims to help potential contributors find their interest and place to contribute within OO.o. So is it a good idea to use the 3 boxes (or 1 of them) to point to a project and this pointer would be changed regularly. The box will also have a "Read More ways to join" to provide a list for other projects not highlighted during that quarter/month etc

[14:47] <rbircher> sankarshan, ah you mean a workarea?

[14:47] <sankarshan> rbircher: Not really a work area, I guess I would explain more precisely on mail. I have to leave for $HOME now...perhaps I could mail to the list ? Would that be alright ?

[14:48] <rbircher> sankarshan, ok, thets a good idea

[14:48] <njeudy> ok for me

[14:49] <sankarshan> Thank you ...

[14:49] <sankarshan> :)

[14:49] <sankarshan> Have a nice day

[14:49] <rbircher> you too

[14:49] * sankarshan has quit ("Are you sure you want to quit this channel (Cancel/Ok) ?")

[14:50] <rbircher> For me its important, to have same news on the startpage

[14:53] <njeudy> same news ?

[14:53] <rbircher> Else we can we can ramove the boxes for first, and add later

[14:54] <rbircher> About the project

[14:55] <njeudy> rbircher: if you want, we also can begin without boxes and add them if we use it :)

[14:55] <rbircher> Why not

[14:55] <rbircher> + 1 from me

[14:56] <njeudy> I will comment the bloc and active it if we need

[14:56] <njeudy> What do we write on the first page ?

[14:57] <rbircher> Mission Statemande

[14:57] <njeudy> I think it would be interesseting to have the 5 last blog acticles ..

[14:58] <njeudy> in news section, and use blog of education project for announce ?

[14:58] <rbircher> maybe a little bit bigger then now

[14:58] <njeudy> rbircher: juste title of the five last artcile :) with link :)

[14:59] <rbircher> And hwo you wil make it with JavaScript and HTML

[15:01] <rbircher> We will make now the Start page

[15:01] <rbircher> finish

[15:03] <rbircher> And then, we ask next education meeting, if anyone has more ideas

[15:03] <rbircher> or we ask on the mailing list

[15:04] <njeudy> rbircher: ok what you want to add on start page ?

[15:04] <njeudy> have you an idea of the content ?

[15:07] <njeudy> rbircher: I think we need à wbeaster contact email adresse for people who find a bug .. :)

[15:07] <njeudy> wbeaster/webmaster :)

[15:08] <njeudy> rbircher: We need to explain clearly what are the goals of the project (dev, files sharing for teachers etc ..)

[15:10] <njeudy> for file sharing we need à very quick access to file search

[15:11] <njeudy> and I think for developpers we need quick access to "what to do" and "what is done" and "what is in progress"

[15:11] <njeudy> on the first page :)

[15:12] <njeudy> what do you think about a first page like this:

[15:12] <njeudy> 3 frames: left and center (with to pane for center -> up and down)

[15:13] <njeudy> in left we have next meeting, the teamn, and title of the 5 last blog article, on to of center frame we have the goals and bottom we have 2 div, one for teacher, one for developpers

[15:14] <njeudy> and then quick acces for developpers and for teachers .?

[15:14] <njeudy> you see ?

[15:15] <njeudy> It would be very interressing to chose one color for eacher section (teachers and developpers) and keep it on the site ..

[15:19] <njeudy> rbircher: are you here ?

[15:19] <rbircher> We well add a Teampage

[15:19] <rbircher> have a look on the webconcept on the wiki

[15:19] <njeudy> rbircher: yes for team page, verys simple, photo, name and smal description ..

[15:21] <rbircher> No, i think, everyone can have a profil with same more informations

[15:22] <njeudy> rbircher: ? so we need a database for team, and a form ,

[15:22] <njeudy> ?

[15:23] <rbircher> No, we will create it manualy

[15:23] <njeudy> Top : for Teachers and Students Middle : Tools Bottom : for Developers <- website concept wiki: I think tools is redundant, because in teacher section we will have tools for teacher and in developpers we will have developpers tools :)

[15:24] <rbircher> You talk about the startpage now?

[15:25] <njeudy> rbircher: yes

[15:28] <rbircher> I think, this will be good yes

[15:30] <njeudy> rbircher: so I will do the first final design today :) and then we can add content (texte, link ..)

[15:32] <rbircher> A question the header picture "education" is a png format?

[15:32] <njeudy> rbircher: I have it in png and gif :) this is the png one that is used actually ..

[15:32] <rbircher> Because iE 6 have a Problem with it

[15:32] <njeudy> and I have a small css trick to be ok with ie5.5 normaly ..

[15:33] <njeudy> rbircher: which probleme ?

[15:33] <rbircher> can't show it I think

[15:34] <rbircher> White surface

[15:35] <njeudy> rbircher: can you reload the page ?

[15:35] <njeudy> rbircher: can you send me screenshot ?

[15:38] <rbircher> Now its ok, but wrong position; maybe box modell bug

[15:40] <rbircher> but I will work on the crossbrowser compatibility

[15:45] <rbircher> Ok, I see, IE has a bigger problem with the site

[15:45] <rbircher> mainly with the Tool Site

[15:53] <njeudy> hum .. what bigger problem ?

[15:54] <njeudy> ok I see .. very big frame on center ...

[15:56] <rbircher> Thats the same problem wich in Firefox 3, Safari etc.

[15:56] <rbircher> but in IE 6 I have no scrolbar in the frame :-(

[15:57] <njeudy> Ok, so i check this ..

[16:00] <rbircher> sorry, I'm QA ler, I see all ;-)

[16:01] <rbircher> And You see the wrong position of the education Title?

[16:08] <njeudy> rbircher: I see the probleme, I use Css and div to place object, but collabnet use Table to encapsulate it ..

[16:08] <njeudy> and i don-t understand min-width param ;(

[16:09] <njeudy> have you a tools to check css and js on ie ?

[16:15] <rbircher> no, only manualy

[16:16] <rbircher> min-width is the minimal width for a object

[16:17] <njeudy> rbircher: yes but ie6 an ie 5.5 don't apply it !! :)

[16:20] <rbircher> njeudy, you are right

[16:22] <rbircher> you most use a fixe width

[16:24] <njeudy> can you test again tool page?

[16:25] <njeudy> I change png to gif, and limit grid width :)

[16:25] <rbircher> yes, moment

[16:30] <rbircher> Looks fine I think

[16:31] <rbircher> But I found a bug in Safari ;-)

[16:31] <njeudy> just center the grid and it will be good  ;)

[16:32] <rbircher> Have Apple a Issue Tracker?

[16:33] <njeudy> can you give me the bug ?

[16:33] <rbircher> No, thats a Software bug from Safari

[16:44] <njeudy> ok :) cool

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