Previous Education Meetings logs/January 2008/11th January

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rbircher We will beginn the meeting without ericb ?

rbircher froumi, Remaille sm|CPU EmanueleT flaviof lgodard vernier_ Meeting time?

EmanueleT I can't attend, I'm busy, sorry

Remaille ok I can

flaviof ok

Remaille even if i thought I couldn't

rbircher We have a load of points

rbircher heve not I mean

rbircher 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

rbircher 2. Website (Information point)

rbircher 3. Misc

-->| louis_to ( hat betreten

=-= Modus +o louis_to von ChanServ

lgodard just reading as usual

rbircher Hello louis_to

rbircher anyone has more points for the meeting?

rbircher louis_to, Do you know who is eric?

rbircher Let start with the first point

rbircher 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

rbircher flaviof, You are new, right?

flaviof yes

flaviof from PLIO

flaviof the italian project

flaviof I work with the school group

flaviof sorry, education group

rbircher You are in other projects too?

flaviof no, only reading marketing mailing list

flaviof :-)

rbircher ok, thenks, and you are welcome

rbircher Other Devs who join the community?

rbircher Next point?

rbircher 2. Website (Information point)

rbircher This is my point

rbircher FYI: At the moment we have same crosbrowser compatibility problems with the tool site


louis_to Hi all

rbircher hi louis_to

froumi pong

rbircher FYI louis_to froumi we are at the meeting

louis_to ah, thanks.

rbircher Same Gecko browsers below 3.x makes problems

louis_to channel

louis_to ?

rbircher here

louis_to okay

ouis_to hi all again

rbircher 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

rbircher 2. Website (Information point)

rbircher 3. Misc

rbircher Point one is passed

rbircher Point two, I was talked about the cross browsers compatibility problems

rbircher Nest point?

rbircher 3. Misc

rbircher has anyone anything to talk?

louis_to not really; it seems to be moving ahead as desc. by the agenda

louis_to there are other issues to discuss---we have been on the list--

|<-- EmanueleT hat freenode verlassen (Remote closed the connection)

louis_to but besides that even others but I didn't add them to the agenda

louis_to I'd like to for next meeting, but we can also discuss it onlist, too

louis_to these include:

louis_to language issues/ Seneca and other unis work/ Becta approach

louis_to big issues :-)

rbircher ok, then we fixe the date for the next meeting?

louis_to yes, perhaps next week?

louis_to and, if we are wanting to make education so central, let's send the notice for the meeting to project leads; I can do that

louis_to just need to know in advance the details

louis_to my interest is like all: to make education more visible and to ensure that efforts are centralized here :-)

rbircher Yes, I cant make that

rbircher I'm not project lead :-)

louis_to rbircher: when then?

louis_to oh, that can't. of course

louis_to just let me know when. I'd suggest this time, this place, next week

rbircher +1

louis_to okay, I'll send out the notice to pleads; thanks rb

rbircher Next Meeting sheduled at fridey 18th January 14:00 UTC

rbircher Meeting closed

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