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[10:38] clemat ericb2: here I am, hi

[10:38] ericb2 clemat: hello

[10:38] ericb2 arthurb: clemat : let's start the meeting ?

[10:39] arthurb ericb2: ok

[10:39] clemat ericb2: ok

[10:39] * ericb2 searching the Agenda

[10:40] ericb2 Agenda for 19th of February 2010 meeting

[10:40] ericb2 1. Welcome new students/ devs

[10:40] ericb2 2. Validate (for true) :

[10:40] ericb2 * AI1 : provide a Gantt diagram of the project (on the wiki, agree on the content and so on)

[10:40] ericb2 * AI2 : students working on the next part ( Tablet PC) are ok building and debugging OOo

[10:40] ericb2 * AI3 : validate the exact choices for the project

[10:40] ericb2 3. misc (add your questions)

[10:41] ericb2 Point 1 : Welcome new students / devs

[10:41] ericb2 any newcomer around ? :)

[10:43] ericb2 Looks like there is nobody today

[10:43] ericb2 arthurb: clemat ok, let's continue with point 2 : Validate AI

[10:43] clemat ericb2: ok

[10:43] arthurb ericb2: yes i'm struggling with putting the gantt diagram on the wiki right now

[10:44] arthurb ericb2: cause it was an html file

[10:44] ericb2 arthurb: keep it simple  ;)

[10:44] clemat ericb2: I got a build issue this night, the same as the orhre mileston, so I think I can handle it alone

[10:45] ericb2 clemat: ok. If you can't ask there (if we are there, of course )

[10:45] ericb2 is the Gantt diagram visible somewhere ?

[10:46] arthurb ericb2:

[10:47] arthurb ericb2: sorry for mixing english and french

[10:47] ericb2 arthurb: I'd suggest you to have a look at :

[10:47] ericb2 arthurb: no problem. I do that often myself

[10:48] arthurb ericb2: yeah i'm not so familiar with wiki editing

[10:49] ericb2 arthurb: clemat : ok, we have a starting point. .png is a bit suboptimal for editing, but that's better than nothing

[10:49] ericb2 I consider the AI1 as 80% reached. Let's confirm the next meeting

[10:50] ericb2 AI2 : students working on the next part ( Tablet PC) are ok building and debugging OOo

[10:50] ericb2 arthurb: I thik you are ready with that, are you ?

[10:50] arthurb ericb2: what would be a better format for the gantt diagram ?

[10:51] ericb2 arthurb: it is up to you

[10:51] ericb2 arthurb: MediaWiki accepts html ... so, that's not a problem

[10:51] arthurb ericb2: right but a format that is more suitable for editing would be appreciated,is that the spirit ?

[10:51] arthurb ericb2: no it had problem with my file

[10:52] arthurb ericb2: too many span or div or whateveer

[10:53] arthurb ericb2: we're ready for confirming the next meeting

[10:55] ericb2 arthurb: MediaWiki, native, and robust ?

[10:56] ericb2 arthurb: ok, AI1 to be confirmed the next meeting.

[10:56] ericb2 clemat: FYI, I'm integrating eraser01 into OOo4Kids. The build will become easier

[10:56] ericb2 clemat: and faster too

[10:57] arthurb ericb2: have you had a chance to try and build m_71 ?

[10:57] ericb2 arthurb: no, sorry, I did too much of things, and I try to sleep a bit during the night.

[10:57] clemat ericb2: ok thank you

[10:58] ericb2 arthurb: but I agree: DEV300_m71 is a mess

[10:58] arthurb ericb2: :)

[10:58] ericb2 arthurb: that's why I'll integrate (should be today) the eraser01 into OOo4Kids

[10:58] ericb2 arthurb: for it, the build is guaranteed

[10:58] ericb2 working

[10:58] arthurb ericb2: allright great

[10:59] cbosdonnat ChanServ clemat

[10:59] ericb2 clemat: I'll inform you today once integrated/verified working

[10:59] clemat ericb2: ok

[11:00] ericb2 clemat: I'm so sorry, the build should work, without all the problem you meet

[11:00] ericb2 clemat: this is not normal, and that's my side to fix that

[11:02] clemat ericb2: Its ok, I've seen worst, it's computer science... Moreover, I thing we're not far from the end, no?

[11:03] ericb2 clemat: I think so. But the build should not be an end. We must concentrate on the code, and the current tree, the only one with eraser01 is a nightmare for beginners

[11:03] arthurb ericb2: clemat is pretending to be a veterant :)

[11:03] ericb2 arthurb: he he

[11:06] arthurb ericb2: ok so we're on to build OOo4kids

[11:07] ericb2 arthurb: yes, but once I'll have integrated the eraser01

[11:07] ericb2 AI2 : to be confirmed too the next meeting, ok ?

[11:07] ericb2 clemat: I think you feel more familair with the tools now, don't you ?

[11:08] * arthurb_ (~8242d0d1@gateway/web/freenode/x-zgyjqqtalafjaonl) has joined

[11:08] arthurb_ sorry connection problems

[11:09] arthurb_ ericb2: how can we know when you have integrated eraser01 in OOo4kids ?

[11:09] ericb2 arthurbI'll send you a mail

[11:09] arthurb_ ericb2: ok

[11:09] ericb2 arthurbthis afternoon, probably. the problem is there I have to adapt the patch I have + add other little fixes (warnings and co )

[11:10] clemat ericb2: yes, now I fell that with the tools

[11:11] * arthurb has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)

[11:13] arthurb_ ericb2: so

[11:13] arthurb_ ericb2: (i can't see the history) i believe second point was "students are ok ebugging" right ?

[11:14] ericb2 arthurb_: yes. I know you tried, but clemat is stuck with the build

[11:15] ericb2 arthurb_: this will be verified along the next week, because we need to progress

[11:15] arthurb_ ericb2: i agree that's why we should start looking into the code a bit more

[11:16] ericb2 arthurb_: can we agree that you start investigating the eraser01 changes today ?

[11:16] ericb2 clemat: do you agree too ?

[11:17] ericb2 the idea is to be ready, and this can be done in parallel

[11:17] arthurb_ ericb2: "eraser01 changes" ?

[11:17] arthurb_ ericb2: i agree about parallel aspect

[11:17] ericb2 arthurb_: yes, the changes in the code + the specs (somewhere on the OOo wiki if I remember correctly )

[11:17] clemat ericb2: yes

[11:17] IZBot News from cws: obo45: created

[11:18] arthurb_ ok

[11:18] ericb2 arthurb_: clemat I'm sorry, I'll have to stop very soon. Can we validate quickly the last point ?

[11:18] clemat ericb2: yes, sorry

[11:18] ericb2 AI3 : : validate the exact choices for the project

[11:18] arthurb_ ericb2: ok

[11:18] ericb2 arthurb_: what is your choice ?

[11:18] ericb2 clemat: ?

[11:18] arthurb_ ericb2: well the one we discussed last time

[11:18] * ericb2 question was for both of you

[11:19] clemat ericb2: I talked with Morgan Magnin

[11:19] ericb2 arthurb_: we need to write the exact subject

[11:19] arthurb_ ericb2: that is reconstructing the annotations after they have been partially erased

[11:20] arthurb_ ericb2: what about "annotations persistance" ?

[11:20] ericb2 arthurb_: ok; let's go for that

[11:20] ericb2 arthurb_: ok

[11:20] clemat ericb2: ok

[11:20] arthurb_ ericb2: and documenting the other ideas we talked about

[11:20] ericb2 arthurb_: clemat I think we should choose only one item, and add one if the time allows

[11:20] ericb2 arthurb_: agreed

[11:20] arthurb_ ericb2: yes

[11:21] clemat ericb2: oh yes

[11:21] arthurb_ ericb2: if we have the time we'll do another one

[11:21] ericb2 arthurb_: the build took toomuch of time (sorry again for that mess)

[11:21] * ericb2 ok with the choice

[11:21] arthurb_ ericb2: usual problems on such projects i guess :)

[11:21] ericb2 arthurb_: clemat I must go. Can we consider the meeting is over ?

[11:21] arthurb_ ericb2: yep

[11:21] clemat ericb2: ok

[11:22] arthurb_ ericb2: we're on vacations next week

[11:22] ericb2 for the next meeting, we'll have to choose a date later, because I'll start to be busy

[11:22] arthurb_ ericb2: so next meeting won't be before the week after that

[11:22] arthurb_ ericb2: allright we'll send you an email

[11:22] ericb2 ok, have nice vacation, and please try to come there from time to time

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