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[15:01] <ericb2> Let's start the meeting ?

[15:01] <vincentvikram> ok

[15:01] <ericb2> progeny: ok ?

[15:02] <progeny> ok

[15:02] <ericb2> Agenda for 8th of February 2008 meeting

[15:02] <ericb2> 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

[15:02] <ericb2> 2. Education Project Effort : proposed applications (work with Schools)

[15:02] <ericb2> 3. Events: FOSDEM 2008

[15:02] <ericb2> 4. Misc

[15:03] <ericb2> The first point is always a welcome for newcomer. Newcomers are invited to present themselves, and what the do

[15:03] * rggurley ( has joined

[15:03] <progeny> this goes to me? xD

[15:03] <ericb2> progeny: please :-)

[15:04] <ericb2> vincentvikram: you are invited too ;)

[15:04] <progeny> well not much to say

[15:04] <progeny> i'm currently in madrid doing a master course

[15:04] <progeny> on soft. eng.

[15:04] <progeny> but i'm from barcelona

[15:04] <ericb2> progeny: nice city 8-)

[15:04] <progeny> i landed to the educational foss group fromt the gsoc'07 students list

[15:04] <progeny> and from there to here :)

[15:04] <progeny> sure it is :)

[15:05] <progeny> i've not much time

[15:05] <progeny> with the master course and tring to setup my own busines

[15:05] <progeny> but i'm interested to see what you are cooking :)

[15:05] <vincentvikram> progeny: I followed the Olympics very closely when it was held at Barcelona.

[15:05] <progeny> :)

[15:06] <progeny> where are you from?

[15:06] <ericb2> progeny: thanks for your presentation, and be welcome in Education Project

[15:06] <vincentvikram> ericb2: shall I introduce myself?

[15:06] <ericb2> vincentvikram: please do !

[15:06] <vincentvikram> Ok

[15:07] <vincentvikram> I'm from Bangalore, India

[15:07] <vincentvikram> currently working with Christ college, Bangalore on various free s/w projects

[15:08] <vincentvikram> tinkering a bit on a task in GNU/Hurd.

[15:08] <vincentvikram> Coordinate Kannada(kn) localisation of Debian

[15:08] <vincentvikram> Passionate about free s/w

[15:09] <vincentvikram> well.. that would be it I suppose.

[15:09] <progeny> hurd!

[15:09] <ericb2> vincentvikram: if I'm not wrong you know sankarshan ?

[15:09] <progeny> a friend of mine started a hurd debian distro

[15:09] <vincentvikram> yes, I do.

[15:09] <vincentvikram> progeny: who?

[15:10] <progeny> pancake

[15:10] <progeny> let me pass you the link

[15:10] <ericb2> vincentvikram: well, I'm always glad to welcome newcomers, mainly when they come from all aournd the world. Be welcome in Education Project !

[15:10] <progeny> he felt so lonely doing hurt

[15:10] <vincentvikram> ericb2: thanks.

[15:10] <progeny> so, point 2?

[15:10] <ericb2> 2. Education Project Effort : proposed applications (work with Schools)

[15:11] <ericb2> let's go

[15:11] <ericb2> The idea is to create a bridge between schools and Project

[15:11] <ericb2> the most interesting for students and teachers is the real thing: write code

[15:11] <ericb2> but the barreer is too high, generaly

[15:12] <progeny> huge code base i supose

[15:12] <ericb2> and what I propose is to solve simple ( not exactly ) issues, mentoring the peers students /teachers

[15:12] <ericb2> The starting point is there :

[15:12] <vincentvikram> ericb2: yes

[15:12] <ericb2> progeny: yes, Ocean of code, and without a navigator, it is dangerous ;)

[15:13] * ericb2 proposed issues, e.g. implement a correct baseline in Math ( formulas )

[15:14] <progeny> for doing that

[15:14] <ericb2> the idea is student / teachers have me ( or any other volunteer ) as contact, and I am here to explain all the basics

[15:14] <progeny> you need some veteran OO code contributors to act as mentors, right?

[15:14] <ericb2> when we need a specialist, I can organize rendez-vous and so on, with high level devs

[15:14] <ericb2> progeny: I'm developer myself, but I know personaly most of the devs in the project

[15:15] <progeny> sure

[15:15] <ericb2> progeny: this make the life easier ;)

[15:15] <progeny> but how many students can you handle at once?

[15:15] <ericb2> progeny: I think two or three, max, but not more

[15:15] <progeny> thats the point

[15:15] <ericb2> progeny: the first one intrested will be served

[15:15] <ericb2> progeny: let's start with a proof of concept

[15:15] <progeny> but

[15:16] <progeny> what i see, is that some (french) schools have been contacted

[15:16] <progeny> i dont know the relation of that contact

[15:16] <ericb2> progeny: I'll put all the information once confirmed

[15:16] <progeny> but i'm ver wrong if the idea is that they offer FOSS contribution to his students?

[15:16] <progeny> right?

[15:17] <ericb2> progeny: I'm not sure to get what yo mean. Sorry, my bad english probably. Can you explain more ?

[15:17] <vincentvikram> ericb2: The issue with development in India is that we are still dependent on face-to-face interaction, if at least in the beginning. Can something like that be arranged?

[15:18] <progeny> something like teachers saying to students: "hey, some OO guys have come to tell us that if you want to contribute they offer you a mentor"

[15:18] <vincentvikram> progeny: not exactly

[15:18] <progeny> oh

[15:18] <progeny> ok

[15:19] <vincentvikram> The students have an idea and some tangible interaction with experienced developers would make a good impact.

[15:19] <ericb2> as I said, I proposed to mentor students. The students must have a teacher, for "administrative" reason. The fact is, no newcomer , as good he could be, can write code directly for project.

[15:20] <vincentvikram> We have worked out such experiments in quite a few engg. colleges here and with reasonably good results too.

[15:20] <ericb2> here is my role: help to discover everything ( I'm working in the code since 4 years )

[15:20] <progeny> ok

[15:20] <progeny> for me to understand it

[15:20] <ericb2> *but* when we need expertise , high level devs are ok to help

[15:21] <progeny> which is the starting point: student goes to OO triing the contribute

[15:21] <ericb2> they just ask to schedule everything, because they have limited time for us

[15:21] <progeny> or OO goes to schools tring to get some students involved?

[15:21] <ericb2> progeny: the last proposal is more accurate: we are searching contributors

[15:22] <progeny> ok

[15:22] <ericb2> progeny: in return, we'll teach them what we do

[15:22] <progeny> so i dont see the diferent with what i was saying? :)

[15:22] <progeny> s/?//

[15:22] <ericb2> progeny: all ar winner: the school the students, the teachers for visibility. and the project, for the code

[15:23] <progeny> sure!

[15:23] <progeny> i agree on that

[15:23] <ericb2> progeny: some times, we say the same thing, but because of the language barreer, better repeat ;)

[15:23] <vincentvikram> ericb2: Is there a possibility that successful students may be absorbed by the project?

[15:23] <progeny> ok xD my english is not very good

[15:24] <progeny> vincentvikram: i think this is a secondary goal.

[15:24] <progeny> permanent involment

[15:24] <ericb2> vincentvikram: this is possible, but the project does not provide money. Only companies working on the porject ( Sun, Novell, IBM, RedHat .. ) will be able to hire them if this is what you mean

[15:24] <progeny> huh paid job

[15:24] <ericb2> vincentvikram: I myself have no power for that

[15:24] <vincentvikram> ok

[15:25] <ericb2> vincentvikram: nevertheless, good work for is an extremely good business card for a job ;-)

[15:25] <vincentvikram> ericb2: yes, I agree.

[15:25] <progeny> i think this is one of the more stronger driver to opensource

[15:26] <ericb2> progeny: then, feel free to propagate the idea ;-)

[15:26] <progeny> yeah

[15:26] <progeny> i dont know if i'm moving out of schedule here

[15:26] <progeny> but the foss google group has de same target

[15:26] <progeny> but without focusing in openoffce

[15:27] <progeny> more like "peak your project and we'll get a mentor"

[15:27] <ericb2> progeny: exactly. But from my side, I can't explain another software ;)

[15:27] <progeny> of course :)

[15:28] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:28] <progeny> fosdem=

[15:28] <progeny> ?

[15:29] <ericb2> 3. Events: FOSDEM 2008

[15:29] <ericb2>

[15:29] <ericb2> will have a room for presentations and workshops

[15:29] <ericb2>

[15:30] <ericb2> I asked to present the Education Project, but only my proposal for MAc OS x port were accepted. .. another time :-/

[15:30] <progeny> macosx port proposal?

[15:31] <progeny> oh i read about that, its a OO 3.0 milestone can be?

[15:31] <ericb2> progeny: yes, I'll present the aqua version of and a workshop aboput "hack the MAc OS X version"

[15:31] <ericb2> progeny: it will be

[15:31] <progeny> great!

[15:31] >progeny<

[15:31] <progeny> i'm unable to make mi girlfrind use openoffice (ibook)

[15:31] <progeny> :)

[15:32] <ericb2> progeny: there is an aqua port in progress, working well already

[15:32] <progeny> hope this helps

[15:32] <ericb2> progeny: but the better will arrive soon ^^

[15:33] <progeny> so, what do we have to discuss bout fosdem?

[15:33] <ericb2> and better devs than me will attend the FOSDEM 2008 ( 23th 24th February, Bruxelles ). thanks to forward the info

[15:34] <ericb2> progeny: A lot of people read the logs, and the info for the one who want to meet us

[15:34] <ericb2> s/for/is for/

[15:34] <progeny> ok

[15:34] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:35] <progeny> sure

[15:35] <ericb2> 4. Misc

[15:35] <ericb2> questions ?

[15:35] <progeny> general discusion maybe?

[15:35] <progeny> :)

[15:35] <ericb2> progeny: yes

[15:36] <vincentvikram> Well, I think only the "dirty work" is left.

[15:36] <ericb2> progeny: time for uestions not in the agenda

[15:36] <vincentvikram> :)

[15:36] <progeny> vincentvikram: dirty work?

[15:36] <vincentvikram> ground work

[15:36] <vincentvikram> getting people to contribute, etc..

[15:37] <ericb2> I'd like to add: if you have students or teachers interested to join, please invite them

[15:37] <ericb2> s/have/know/

[15:38] <progeny> ericb2: do you think is project is in a state to receive students?

[15:38] <progeny> just asking, i'm not saying it is not

[15:38] <ericb2> progeny: I think so

[15:38] <ericb2> progeny: e.g. look at ... searching

[15:39] <ericb2> progeny:

[15:39] <ericb2> progeny: everything is defined, that's just me working alone on the issue

[15:39] <progeny> i see

[15:40] <progeny> but as i see it

[15:40] <ericb2> progeny: I forgot to say I'm used to manage students. I use to define Gantt diagramms, and respect industrial constraints

[15:40] <progeny> maybe in france you are in a position to go directly to a dean/school director/whatever

[15:40] <progeny> and get them involved

[15:41] <progeny> but i dont think there is someone like that in spain

[15:41] <ericb2> progeny: not exactly: I have to push walls, like elsewhere. And there is no secret : the entire project is like that. when something is not thre, or not working, do it yourself is always safer

[15:41] <progeny> i mean, there is work to do on the visibility part

[15:41] <ericb2> progeny: will you help us ?

[15:41] <progeny> as i said i've no much time

[15:41] <progeny> but i would like

[15:42] <ericb2> progeny: we got a blog for the project, referneced on Planet  :

[15:43] <ericb2> progeny: we'd prefer developer infos, or code on it, but if you have a google mail account, I can add you

[15:43] <ericb2> progeny: a good thing could be to join Education project, and join the laiking list, to being informed

[15:43] <ericb2> s/laiking/mailing/

[15:44] * ericb2 not in front of the keyboard :-)

[15:44] <vincentvikram> I gtg. Have a nice day/evening all.

[15:44] <ericb2> vincentvikram: see you later :)

[15:45] <ericb2> The log is available there :

[15:45] <vincentvikram> tata ericb2

[15:45] <progeny> bye vincentvikram

[15:45] <vincentvikram> bye progeny

[15:45] * vincentvikram has quit ("Leaving.")

[15:45] <ericb2> ok, I think we can stop with the meeting, but if you have further questions, please ask

[15:46] <progeny> no :)

[15:46] <ericb2> Next meeting will be in two weeks : 22th of February

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