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[15:00] <ericb2> Meeting time ?

[15:00] <Remaille> yes

[15:00] <Remaille> won't stay further than 15:30 am afraid..

[15:01] <ericb2> Remaille: the meeting shouldn't be too long

[15:01] * ericb2 would like to do some sport outside ;)

[15:01] <ericb2> Agenda for 1st of February 2008 meeting

[15:01] <ericb2> 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

[15:01] <ericb2> 2. Organize a cycle of IRC presentations, mainly development oriented ( part 2)

[15:01] <ericb2> 3. Education Project Effort : tasks to be scheduled

[15:01] <ericb2> 4. Events: some words about Solution Linux (Paris )

[15:02] <ericb2> Let's start with new devs and people joining the Education Project

[15:03] >ChanServ< access add louis_to 10

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[15:03] -ChanServ/ ericb2! ACCESS [] ADD louis_to 10

[15:03] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to louis_to

[15:04] >sorry,< I did some wrong experience with chanserv

[15:04] * sorry :No such nick/channel

[15:04] <rbircher> Hello at all

[15:04] >louis_to< sorry, I did some wrong experience with chanserv

[15:04] <ericb2> no new people around ?

[15:05] <rbircher> I think no

[15:06] <ericb2> I think we should have some (needs confirmation), because some schools are interested to work with us. I'll say more in point 4

[15:06] <ericb2> Point 2. Organize a cycle of IRC presentations, mainly development oriented ( part 2)

[15:06] <ericb2> I received feedback from several people. Not all btw

[15:07] * ericb2 searching the wiki page about that ..

[15:07] <ericb2>

[15:08] <ericb2> as you can see, this is work in progress

[15:08] <ericb2> the other important thing, is : some of the people I tried to invite, think IRC is not the best medium

[15:09] <ericb2> but we have to start little, and make available everything to a maximum of people

[15:09] <rbircher> Wath he propose as medium?

[15:10] <ericb2> rbircher: Martin Hollmichel (I'll answer him asap) was proposing some Virtual Desktop. I'll ask for further infos

[15:11] <ericb2> That's all for today about the point 2 . Questions ?

[15:12] <rbircher> Good idea from Martin Hollmichel, but this use a special software?

[15:12] <ericb2> rbircher: I don't know. But I fear not all people will be able to join. I really have to discuss with Marting about that. Maybe this is a easy to do, maybe not

[15:13] <ericb2> Next point  ?

[15:13] <ericb2> 3. Education Project Effort : tasks to be scheduled

[15:13] <ericb2> I already started the task about baseline alignment

[15:13] <ericb2> see issue 972

[15:14] <IZBot> Formula editor ENHANCEMENT STARTED P3 Alignment of baselines of formula and text in writer show_bug.cgi?id=972

[15:14] <ericb2> other issues to come, are : issue 81907

[15:15] <IZBot> Spreadsheet ENHANCEMENT NEW P3 Mouse wheel scrolling jumps

[15:15] <ericb2> I started to discuss the point with Nicklas Nebel, and I think I have a correct idea.

[15:16] <ericb2> the last task is about issue 85625

[15:16] <IZBot> Chart ENHANCEMENT NEW P3 Allow placing axis labels directly at the axis

[15:16] <ericb2> both issues can be treated as applications with students

[15:16] <ericb2> I'll tell more in point 4

[15:16] <rbircher> nice

[15:16] rbircher Remaille

[15:17] <ericb2> rbircher: some news about the website "relooking" ?

[15:18] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:18] <rbircher> No, only that I will write a tool, who maks more easely to implement news at collabnet

[15:19] <rbircher> But this is not a education issue

[15:19] <rbircher> This runs at the Website project

[15:19] <ericb2> rbircher: btw, I found something ineresting for you (guessing you read French )

[15:19] <ericb2> rbircher: could help, Tony wrote interesting tips

[15:20] <ericb2> 4. Events: some words about Solution Linux (Paris )

[15:21] <ericb2> Jean-Pierre Archambault, from SCEREN / CNDP / CRDP Paris, proposed places on the SCEREN stand, for free softwares. I asked, and he accepted to invite us

[15:22] <ericb2> was the occasion to exxclusively work with French Education people

[15:22] <ericb2> more infos on my blog :

[15:23] <ericb2> BTW, I forgot to add the important link :

[15:24] <ericb2> now the most important

[15:25] <ericb2> furing the Expo, I met several responsible, mainly from Engineers Schools, who are interested to contribute to code, under the form of applications, e.g. solve an issue and write the missing code ..etcc

[15:25] <ericb2> And I'll invite all this little world to join us asap

[15:25] <ericb2> means once I'll find some time to write all the mails

[15:25] <ericb2> again, the idea is to work with peers teachers/students

[15:26] <ericb2> and solve real issue in real conditions

[15:26] <ericb2> ... and document everything

[15:26] <ericb2> Questions ?

[15:27] <Remaille> great ! good job ericb2 ! :-)

[15:27] <ericb2> that's all for me for today (some news about FOSDEM to come soon )

[15:27] <Remaille> most important is " document everything"

[15:27] <ericb2> Remaille: thanks :)

[15:28] <Remaille> and maybe have a common "framework" to give to those peers

[15:28] <ericb2> Remaille: I hope so

[15:28] <Remaille> maybe

[15:28] <ericb2> FYI, I created the entries on the wiki for courses

[15:28] <Remaille> a kinf of "cahier des charges" (what is the english for that)

[15:28] <ericb2> Remaille: specifications ?

[15:28] <ericb2>

[15:29] <Remaille> I mean a "how to code for OOo as a peer student+teacher"

[15:29] <ericb2> Remaille: or syllabus, maybe

[15:29] <Remaille> yes

[15:29] <Remaille> like a one size fits all document to start coding

[15:29] <ericb2> Remaille: and everybody is welcome to contribute !

[15:30] <Remaille> (end of week, so i am less clear !)

[15:30] <ericb2> Remaille: I'll try to explain what I'll do for issue about baseline alignment

[15:30] <Remaille> ok :-)

[15:30] <ericb2> Remaille: discussing with a lot of people, a document is not the good solution for the start. Better mentor the student

[15:31] <Remaille> ok

[15:31] <ericb2> Remaille: because every student wil have a different list of questions

[15:31] <Remaille> oups, have to go ! sorry

[15:31] <ericb2> Remaille: in a different order

[15:31] <Remaille> see you :)

[15:31] <ericb2> Remaille: bye à

[15:31] * Remaille has quit ()

[15:31] <ericb2> Questions ?

[15:32] <ericb2> Next meeting, same day, same place, same hour ?

[15:34] <rbircher> Yes

[15:34] <ericb2> Ok, then if nobody disagrees, next meeting is scheduled on Friday 8th of February 2008, 14:00 UTC or 15:00 CET (Paris Hamburg)

[15:35] <ericb2> The log is available :

[15:35] <ericb2> bye all

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