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The developer snapshot of the Presenter Screen is work in progress with no QA. Use at your own risk. Do not use it with important documents.

There are snapshots for three platforms (all with the en_US locale): Solaris Sparc, Linux x86, and Windows.


The developer snapshot is available here. VERY OLD AS OF APRIL 2008


The snapshot for each of the three platforms consists of an archive with the OpenOffice pack set and the actual Presenter Screen extension.

The files are

  • Windows
    • presenter_screen_Win32Intel.oxt
  • Linux x86
    • OOo_2.3.233_unxlngi6_install.tar.gz
    • presenter_screen_unxlngi6.oxt
  • Solaris Sparc
    • OOo_2.3.233_SolarisSparc_install.tar.gz
    • presenter-screen_SolarisSparc.oxt


  1. Unzip or untar the OOo_2.3.233_${Platform}_install.(zip|tar.gz) file somewhere.
  2. Start the program/office binary and finish the installation by following the wizard like you do with a normal installation.
  3. Open the extension manager via the menu (Tools->Extension Manager...). Click on the Add... button and browse to or type in the location of the presenter_screen_${Platform}.oxt file. Click on Open and close the extension manager.
  4. Restart the Office. On Windows turn off the auto starter.
  5. Create or open an Impress document and press F5. Switch to the original Impress window (e.g. via Alt-Tab.)

Have Fun.

Known Issues

I do not know of any crashes (yet) but because there has been no QA and only one developer looking at this there probably are some undiscovered problems.

The Presenter Screen does make itself full screen or move itself to a screen not occupied by the full screen presentation. The code for this already exists but in this stage of development a second full screen window is only in the way.

The live view of the current slide is not updated properly. Move the mouse over the full screen presentation to issue an update. This is being worked on.

The clock stops during slide changes. This is being worked on.

There seems to be a memory problem lurking somewhere near the sd/source/ui/presenter/PresenterPane class. Found indications during debugging.

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