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We have agreed to release a localized version of Apache OpenOffice, if the UI is 100% translated.

And for long-term maintainability we also recommend that:

  • the UI is translated to 100% and
  • the help is translated to 100% too and
  • there is a small team (even just two members) to maintain the translation and ensure QA.

When you are ready, write an issue in Bugzilla in the product Native-Language. Also write an issue, if you later on make changes to the translation and want them to be integrated into the next release.

Once your issue is filed, there are some additional steps that are needed to integrate Pootle translations into Apache OpenOffice. These are typically done by a developer who can commit changes to the source tree and include:

These are basically database files that will reside in /extras/l10n/source under the ISO code for the language.

  • Some (new) languages might also provide dictionaries as extensions. In this case, the extensions.lst file in the source tree under /main will need to be updated.
Documentation note.png If you edit strings in Pootle you need to explicitly ask on the mailing list, for them to be integrated into Apache OpenOffice. Integration is not automatic.

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Please add information how to verify the technical correctness of the translation.

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