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What are Pootle admins?

Pootle admins are a few people responsible for administering the shared Pootle instance at — they manage other people's accounts and the system itself; for "ordinary" translation activity, you don't need to be a Pootle admin.

How can I join?

If you are interested in helping, please let the dev list know about it. Remember that Pootle admins have high privileges, so the admins group cannot be large.

As an admin, how do I add a user?

User requests are usually received through the l10n list and include a preferred username, a language, and an Apache License statement.

To add a user:

1. Login to Pootle

2. Click on ADMIN top right

3. Select the Users tab

4. Click the Add User button

5. On the form; fill in username, make sure the active check mark is enabled; enter a strong random password in the password field (it will not be used, so you needn't make note of it), full name, e-mail; leave all the others disabled; Click save.

6. Click on "Apache OpenOffice 4.x" then Permissions. Give the new volunteer 3 permissions (review, make a suggestion, submit a translation). Save changes.

7. Send a welcome e-mail, cc'ing the l10n list. A sample mail is below.

8. The user (as per welcome mail) will reset their password, so there is no need for the admin to give it to the new user.

Template welcome mail

Welcome! Account $ACCOUNT_NAME created and enabled for $LANGUAGE.

Please go to

Then you will able to login at and translate at

A detailed Pootle guide is available at

If you don't want to miss announcements you should subscribe to this mailing list: send an empty e-mail message to and respond to the confirmation request you will receive.

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