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<Perhaps a more FAQ like style is more appropriate?>

What browser shall I use?

There exist good experience with Firefox, but you can try to use the browser you are familiar with. Make sure, that

  • JavaScript is enabled
  • the browser is allowed to show "unsafe content" for the Overview and the Translation page of your language.

The English word is ambiguous

<example: record -- database item or verb>

In order to solve ambiguity, read a few phrases above & below the ambiguous phrase; it might give you some hint as for the correct instruction of the word.

Also, consider to view several translations simultaneously (e.g. English and Spanish), to see how others translated this word. (see your account > Settings)

The corresponding UI Element does not exist

<example: main toolbar>

The English Help is Wrong

<writing issues>

I'm stuck

<native language mailing list>

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