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OpenOffice has many dependencies on external technologies. If these external dependencies change then OpenOffice needs to adapt.

Operating Systems

Programming Languages


  • standard template library
  • boost
  • libraries for supporting security features
    • nss (Network Security Services)
    • openssl (Secure Socket and Transport Layer)
    • xmlsec (XML Security Library)
  • libraries for supporting internationalization
    • ICU (International Components for Unicode)
    • hunspell (Spell Checker)
    • hyphen (Hyphenation)
    • mythes (Thesaurus)
    • graphite (Rendering for Complex Scripts)
  • graphics libraries
  • libraries for handling multimedia file formats
  • libraries for handling external document formats
    • XML (Extensible Markup Language) processing
      • libxml2 (XML Parser and Toolkit)
      • libxslt (XSL Transformation)
      • saxon (XSLT and XQuery Processor)
      • expat (XML Parser Library)
      • xsltml (XSLT Math Library)
    • RDF (Resource Description Framework) support
  • libraries for connectivity
    • libcurl (Multi-Protocol File Transfers)
    • serf (Asynchronous HTTP Client)
    • hsqldb (HyperSQL Java DataBase)
    • seamonkey (for Address Book support)
  • libraries for supporting different extension programming languages
  • other libraries
    • zlib (Compression Library)
    • coinmp (Common Optimization Interface: Operations Research Solver)
    • lucene (Java-based indexing and search technology)
    • apr/apr-util (Apache Portable Runtime)
    • ucpp (Source Preprocessor)
    • Creadur (Release Audit Tool)


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