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Unassigned Tasks to be scheduled for upcoming OpenOffice releases

This page contains tasks which have been considered as important for upcoming releases and have not been assigned to an owner yet. Please don't edit this list on your own, for this please use the Tasks page for new items.


The tasks listed in the following list already have been evaluated and got classified.

  • Task is a short description of the task, either combined with a link to an IssueTracker task or linked to other descriptive resources, e.g. mailing list, blog, wiki, etc.
  • The Justification field should contain a short explanation of why this task is important for, e.g. an indication of the severity should be included.
  • The Spec column should describe the Specification effort, it can be something in between of "already done", "trivial" and "open".
  • est. engineering effort describes the estimated engineering time for the task, e.g. "low" for several weeks, "medium" for several months, "high" for several years of work.
  • Priority TBD

Task list

Task Justification Spec effort/status est. Engineering effort Priority
Example! --Mh 10:46, 26 June 2009 (UTC) Allow embedding SVG vector graphics into all documents 49991 important graphics format, confirmed by popular vote low high [1] TBD
Example ! --Mh 10:46, 26 June 2009 (UTC) auto-update feature for OpenOffice 62948 A user-friendly auto-update feature is an absolute godsend for the average user and help to get latest version spread low medium TBD
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