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Planning for OpenOffice releases

Proposal for doing planning for the next OpenOffice releases.

short overview

Collection - Phase 1

Project teams and contributing members of the project are called to collect tasks for the next feature release. Phase 1 deliverable is a list of justified tasks which will be reviewed in phase 2

Review (Sponsors) – Phase 2

A planning team is collecting the items from phase 1 and make a proposal about a prioritization. Deliverable is a prioritized list.

Review (Teams) – Phase 3

Single teams will do a more detailed effort estimation and confirm / disagree / modify the prioritization from phase 2 -> Planning/Assigned Tasks‎

Planning (Sponsors) – Phase 4

Sponsors will agree upon and commit themselves to the plan agreed in phase 3. -> Planning/Assigned Tasks‎

Planning (Teams) – Phase 5

Teams start actual detailed planning and coordinate UX-, Development- and QA efforts. Outcome will be a 6 month schedule. -> Planning/Assigned Tasks‎

next milestones

  • until end of June 2009: make phase 3-5 output of 3.2 planning available
  • July 2009: call for participation for phase 1 for 3.3 planning
  • end of August 2009: close of phase 1 (3.3 planning)
  • September 2009: phase 2 and 3 of 3.3 planning
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