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About this template

The new performance project just started, and we have to sort out our next todo's.

For now, you might use my old list from 2005, which might be a little bit outdated. Maybe you find some hints in the area of your expertise where you want to start working on: Performance Activities as of 2005.

Moved here from the main performance wiki page:

Known areas for improvement


Component issues

system issues

  • Linux / Linking - relocation processing is very slow ( ogg video, odp slides ) several possible ways to fix that
    • re-ordering symbol & elf hash tables to improve cache locality, lots of good & simple ideas here.
    • -Bdirect implementation [1] - gaining little traction.
    • exporting Vague linkage more cleverly & using RTLD_LOCAL where possible
    • basic linker optimizations:
      • don't export *UND* in .hash table
      • sort syms & dynsym entries more intelligently
      • .hashvals optimisation
  • Linux / I/O scheduling & pre-loading is poor

General I/O & memory issues

  • Image strip layout - our images strips are huge & unwieldy, layed out horizontally and are 'cached' in scattered files - this is fixed in CWS ka009, which never seems to get integrated.
  • Configuration information scattered across many files
  • UI configuration - tons of scattered files
  • .rdb files - loads of empty space, mmap + random access pattern

Work List and Progress

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