Why do I get a "Write error" when I try to export a Writer file?

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Why do I get a "Write error" when I try to export a Writer file?

OpenOffice.org versions 2.4 and later have an export filter built in, that exports to:

  • PDF
  • BibTeX
  • LaTeX 2e
  • MediaWiki

The way it should work is:

  • Just open a Writer document (or copy formatted text into Writer)
  • Click File - Export.
  • Change File format to MediaWiki.
  • Click export, and this should produce a MediaWiki markup version of the document, in a text file.

Some users[1][2] get a "Write error", however, on trying to export to any format except PDF:

Error saving the document <filename>:
Write Error.
The file could not be written.

This is related to the use of Java for the export of all the formats except PDF.

It seems you must have the correct version of Java and dependencies installed.[3] However, it is not clear which version should be installed, as Sun's and GCJ's Java are both reported to give problems.

It may also be a problem with where temp files are saved, if OOo doesn't have permission to save there. (Look it up under Path, and choose a path within your home directory.)

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