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This page has been created to develop a draft "open letter" explaining why OOo does not include a PIM application, alternatives that users may be interested in, and how users may contribute to development of a PIM. A PIM application generally seems to be one of the most requested features from new users of OOo. Through this open letter, it is hoped a consistent response can be developed to explain the status of a PIM and what users can do.

An Open Letter to New OOo Users

Intro paragraph welcoming the new user and some language mentioning what a great application OOo is.

Another paragraph briefly explaining the F/OSS development model, how such apps are constantly changing. Use example of addition of Base to 2.0 release of OOo. Also mention that part of the power of many F/OSS apps is their commitment to solving a limited problem/need instead of trying to be all things to all people. Perhaps echoes of monolithic versus modularity?

Transition to address the number of questions/requests received for a PIM application as part of OOo. What is a PIM? Why does OOo not include one as part of the suite?

What alternatives are available to users who need a PIM, but with OOo, can no longer justify the cost of purchasing something like MS Outlook just for the PIM. Windows users - Linux users - Mac users -

If you feel a PIM should be added to OOo, what can you do? Develop yourself Contribute $$$ for development ???

Concluding paragraph.


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