Internship 2010: Add new spreadsheet functions and parameters according to ODFF

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The OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF) specification part 2, OpenFormula aka ODFF, standardizes on recalulcated formula expression as used by Calc and introduces new functions and parameters that need to be implemented.

Project plan

  • Align and enhance the already existing overview and comparison of differences between implemented spreadsheet functions and the current ODFF draft.
  • Determine the most important functions to be implemented.
  • Implement functions in
    • compiler
    • interpreter
    • function wizard resources


  • Code documentation.
  • Function and parameter descriptions in the Formula Wizard.
  • Provide input for the online help / documentation team.

Project status

  • The project is accepted for the summer internship program 2010
  • Evaluation and comparison is done.
  • AVERAGEIF and XOR are done.
  • AVERAGEIFS, COUNTIFS and SUMIFS are implemented.
  • IFERROR and IFNA functions are ongoing.
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