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Since 2.3 the context for UI configuration has grown up to 20 modules. This was mainly due to the new feature that allows Base to have separated UI configuration modules for database forms and database reports, so that the settings are not shared with text documents anymore.

List of available modules

The following is an up-to-date list of available modules with a short description:

Module name Description Writer Writer/Web Writer/Master Document Calc Impress Draw Math Chart XML Forms (XForms) Base: This module represents Base main application; that is, the application main window when you open an ODB file Base: Table Design module Base: This is the module where you design queries and views. The module is the same for Design View and SQL View. Base: Module to design database relations Base: Module for creating/editing and viewing embedded forms Base: new Sun Report Builder in design view. The executed report will be a or Base: Module for creating/editing and viewing reports created using the report wizzard In Base: the component where you open tables/view/queries; in other modules: component to access every datasource registered in (pressing F4) Basic IDE the start module is the last component that remains when you close every Office document with the X at the right corner of the menu bar, without termitating the Desktop Bibliographical database

How to get the module's names

You can get a list of modules by querying the service

Example in Java:

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
   xContext = 
   xInterface = 
                            "", xContext);
   xNameAccess = 
                  , xInterface);
            String[] modules = xNameAccess.getElementNames();
            for (String module : modules) {
                System.out.println( module );
        } catch ( e){
        } catch ( e){
        } catch (java.lang.Exception e){
        } finally {
            System.exit( 0 );

Example in Basic

Sub OOoModules
   Dim oModuleManager as Object
   oModuleManager = createUnoService("")
   Dim sMessage$, sModules$()
   Dim i%
   sModules = oModuleManager.getElementNames()
   For i=0 To UBound(sModules)
         sMessage = sMessage + "[" + CStr(i+1) + "]    " + sModules(i) + Chr(13)
   MsgBox sMessage,64, " Modules"
End Sub
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