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Automated GUI Testing – Test Matrix 2.2/StarOffice 8 Update 6

Sun is testing the Sun branded (StarOffice) L10N builds with VCL TestTool. The results (approved or not) will be posted here to support the QA of the OOo community.


  • The test cycle has been done on OOF680m6 for each module (Base, Calc, ...).
  • The second test cycle will have be done on the OOF680m7 build for each module (Base, Calc, ...).
  • The third test cycle will have been done on the OOF680m8 build for each module (Base, Calc, ...).

Language Tel. code ISO 12 Base Calc/Chart Framework Graphics Math Writer XML
English 01 en_us Windows (MSC) Linux (JSK) Solaris SPARC (FHA)
German 49 de_de Solaris x86 (TBO) Linux (JSI)(m6)
Japanese 81 ja Windows (JSI) Windows (JSK)
Italian 39 it Windows (FHA) Solaris x86 (HDE)
Portuguese 03 pt Windows (JSI)
French 33 fr Linux (JSI) Linux (JSI)(m8)
Spanish 34 es Linux (TBO)
Chinese (trad.) 88 zh_tw Solaris SPARC (TBO)
Swedish 46 sv Solaris x86 (JSI)(m7)
Dutch 31 nl Solaris SPARC (HDE)
Chinese (simpl.) 86 zh_cn Linux (FHA)
Polish 48 pl Solaris x86 (MSC)
Korean 82 ko Windows (JSI)(m8)
Russian 07 ru Windows (HDE)
Hungarian 36 hu Linux [1] (MSC)
Portuguese (Brazil) 55 pt_br Solaris x86 (TBO)

Platform (User) Approved by OOo community
Platform (User) being tested by Sun Microsystems
Platform (User) Approved by Sun Microsystem on StarOffice build

[1] Linux Base test for Hungarian run on m9 milestone


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