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Submitting a Proposal for an OOoCon Session

This page contains general guidance for people who are submitting papers for OOoCon.

Before you start

Step by step instructions

Note - you can click on the thumbnails to see a full size image

Go to the OOoCon site. Check the Timeline to see if that the OOoCon Team are accepting papers. If so, click on the Proposal Submission link (if there is no link shown, then the Team are not accepting papers at this time)
OOoCon Submitting Image 01.png
If you have not yet created an account on this site, click on the Create an account on this site link. Please note that registration on this site is completely separate from any other site.
OOoCon Submitting Image 02.png
Complete the form for creating an account. The information you supply here may be used to help the OOoCon Team decide whether to accept your proposal, and may also appear in the Conference Programme, so please complete carefully. Note that the Create account as Author check box at the bottom of the form should be checked.
OOoCon Submitting Image 03.png
OOoCon Submitting Image 04.png
You may now enter your proposal. The information will be used by the OOoCon Team to decide whether to accept your proposal, and may also appear in the Conference Programme. You may use the formatting buttons to format your text (e.g. to create lists).
OOoCon Submitting Image 05.png
OOoCon Submitting Image 06.png

Other features

You may also return to the site to check the status of your proposal, or to revise it.

Please make sure your email address is valid, and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are not blocking our emails with any spam filters etc. Our emails are automated, so we cannot reply to any anti-spam 'challenge/response' software.

If we cannot email you, your proposal will not be accepted.

Worried about presenting?

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