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OOo Marketing Project

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before contributing.



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This page contains general guidance for people who are reviewing papers for OOoCon.

Conflict of Interest

You have a conflict of interest with an author if

  • you work closely together within the same Project
  • you both work in the same reporting line in the same company
  • you are partners in business, government, academia, or other organisation
  • you have close personal or family ties
  • you have been engaged in flame wars or other professional rivalries or feuds

In any of these cases, you should return the Abstract and explain why you cannot review it

Providing Feedback

You have a duty to read Abstracts with care and sympathy. Your feedback should be suitable for forwarding on to the Proposer, although by exception you may wish you comments only to go to the OOoCon Team.

The best feedback is one which encourages the speaker to produce an even better paper for OOoCon.

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