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Call for Reviewers

On Monday July 6th we will announce the Call for Papers (Cfp) for OOoCon 2009.

OOoCon 2009 will be organised by Tracks. The CfP will invite people who would like to speak in one of the Tracks to submit an Abstract. The OOoCon Team will use these Abstracts to help decide who will be invited to speak at OOoCon 2009.

The OOoCon Team are now looking for volunteers to review these Abstracts.

Who can act as a Reviewer?

  • You should have a specialist interest or expertise in the Track(s) you volunteer for
  • You should be able to judge whether a paper will be interesting, informative, and attractive to the OOoCon audience
  • You must be prepared to review Abstracts fairly, and decline Abstracts where there may be a conflict of interest
  • You must be able to review promptly (target within a week of receipt)
  • You must provide feedback on each paper to the OOoCon organisers and the presenter
  • You must be available during most of the Submissions period (see the OOoCon Timeline), especially in the final weeks, as 80% of the proposals arrive in the final 20% of the time :)

How does the review process work?

Presenters will submit their Abstracts for a Track. As the Abstracts arrive, they will be allocated to one or more Reviewer(s) for that Track. The Reviewer(s) will be notified by email and will be asked to read the Abstract and feed back comments to the Conference Team (and optionally the Presenter) within one week. Reviewer(s) can either recommend acceptance, rejection, or suggest revisions.

Reviewers who provide good quality feedback quickly will be asked to do further reviews :)

How do I volunteer?

You need to create a reviewer account on the OOoCon site (”Create Account as Reviewer”), specifying which Track(s) you would like to volunteer for. If you would like to explain to the OOoCon Team why you would be a great Reviewer, please feel free to send an email to ooocon2009 (at)

Where can I find the OOoCon Timeline?

The Timeline shows when you must register as a Reviewer, when presenters can submit Abstracts, and much more.

That’s a very long URL for OOoCon :)

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