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We need volunteers with several profiles:

  • People willing to attend speakers and general public in the reception desk
  • People with techinal expertise to solve issues with laptops, projectors, etc.
  • People who can use a camera to help the Kiberpipa team.
  • People who can guide tourists to the most interesting places of Barcelona.

Below there is a list of volunteers. Please, write down your availability (which days and hours, check programme) and which languages you can speak (note your proficency as well).

Name Email address Languages and proficency Day availability Hour availability
Toni Hermoso Catalan (native), Spanish (native), English (good) Full Full
Jesús Corrius Catalan (native), Occitan (good), Spanish (good), English (good), French (ok), Italian (ok) Full Full
Joaquim Perez Catalan (native), Spanish (good), English (good) Full Full
Jordi Mas Catalan (native), Spanish (good), English (good) Full Full
Shaun McDonald English (native), German (beginner), French (even less than German) Tuesday & Friday (maybe Thursday) Afternoon/Evening
Julià Mestieri Catalan (native), Spanish (native), English (ok), French (ok) Full Full
Jordi Vilanova Catalan (native), English (native), Spanish (native), French (ok), Swedish (ok) Full Full (except Tues. & Wed. eve.)
Tania De la Paz Spanish (native), English (fluent), Catalan (ok) Thursday & Friday afternoon 18H00PM - 20H00PM
Pere Masats-Tarrats Catalan (native) Spanish (native) English (good) full full

Sílvia Miranda Catalan (native), Spanish (good), English (good), French (ok), Italian (ok), Russian (beginner) full Tuesday afternoon, wednesday morning, thursday afternoon, friday (full)
Pedro Camara Portuguese (native), Spanish (good), English (good), German (ok), Catalan (ok) Wed, Thu, Fri After 18:00
Josep Puigdemont Catalan (native), Spanish (good), English (good), Swedish (good) Full Full

Please, volunteer yourself in the reception desk and fill the gaps:

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