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Flying discs

For celebrationg the 10 years of OOo we can print frisbees/flying discs with the OOo symbol and distribute them at the OOoCon. The frisbees would be anded (or thrown) from one community member to another, in the same spirit of the free and open source software.

To make this visible to everyone, community members all around the world could do photos of the symbol/frisbee and show where OOo is used and how far it has come in the 10 years. In October for the celebration of the 10 years we would have a "family photo album" of OOo with photos from all over the world. If someone has also an interesting story to tell about OOo (like how it helps its region), that would be also part of the photo album.

The idea is to make the frisbees go from one community member to another (or user) and never to stay too long on the same hands and to have as many photos as possible. Those photos can also be a great help for marketing materials.

- OOoCon 2010 


This is a quotation for the flying discs. In order to have them deliverd in Budapest for the OOoCon it is necessary to order them the week between the 27th and 29th of July.


500 units

blue, gull symbol + URL printed in white

delivered to Budapest

428,40 EUR


OOorg frisbee.png


OOo frisbee 02.png

OOo frisbee 01.png

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