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Staying up to date

We want to inform you on how to stay up to date during OOoCon. For short-term announcements, important notices, spontenous gatherings and other needs of communications, two platforms are available.

The ooocon-discuss mailing list

If you haven't done so already, you can subscribe by sending an empty e-mail to and following the instructions sent back to you. We strongly recommend any organizer, attendee and speaker to subscribe to the list, as it will be our primary source of communication and sending out individual e-mails to all participants during OOoCon will not be done.

Last year's Twitter bot unfortunately is not available anymore, but instead, we've set up a group at If you dent yourself, use the tag !ooocon to add your notice to the group.

You can have a look at recent postings by opening in your browser, and if you have your own account, you can also subscribe to it to receive messages automatically.

Please note that you can not feed the group via Twitter, but need an account for it.

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