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Around the conference venue - CEU & its Surroundings

Food & Drink within CEU

Faculty Tower Restaurant Faculty Tower building, 8th floor

Cafeteria Nádor u. 9 building, Ground floor

Snackbar and Lounge AreaNádor 9

Food & Drink in the Vicinity


Sir Morik Café Nádor u. 5

Sundance Oktober 6 u. 9

Brunch Sandwich Bar Arany János u. 16

California Coffee CompanySzent István tér


Roosevelt Self-Service RestaurantRoosevelt tér 7-8

Buffet with a wide choice of soups, international

and vegetarian dishes and desserts, take-away

Sir Morik Café Nádor utca 5

Excellent coffee. Sandwiches, ice cream, cookies

Budapest Anno Café Nádor u. 5

Set meals and salads at reasonable prices

Feinkost Nádor utca 17

Cheap lunch menus, home-style cooking and Gyros

Terv EszpresszNádor u. 19

Drinks, sandwiches and salads

Coffee-to-go Október 6 u. 6

Coffee, tea, sandwiches, quiches and pies

Strudel HouseOktóber 6 u. 22

Home-made strudel, breakfast or a hot meal

Sundance Sandwiches Október 6 u. 9

Sandwiches and salads, tea and coffee

Duran Sandwich Bar Október 6 u. 15

Sandwiches, no sit-downs, only takeaway

Kisharang Október 6 u.17

Hungarian-style cooking at reasonable prices

István Cukrászda Október 6 u. 17

Home-style cakes and cookies, ice cream

Cicero KávézóOktóber 6 u. 17

Salads, hot chocolate, coffee, sandwiches

Kheiron Café and Restaurant Október 6 u. 22

Hungarian and international dishes, snacks

and salads

Gyros Zrinyi u. 16

Snacks and soft drinks

Café Montmartre Zrinyi u. 16

Salads, sandwiches, coffee, tea

Veltins Sas u. 12

Salads and hot dishes at reasonable prices

Brunch and sandwich bar Arany János u. 16

Pastries, dairy products and sandwiches

Emporio Bar & Restaurant Arany János u. (Bank Center)

Lunches and drinks

Fruccola Arany János u. 32

Excellent soups, hot and cold baguettes,

coffee, salads, croissants, healthy joghurt

and bio drinks, freshly squeezed juices

Café Zaccos Corner of Arany János & Hercegprimás u.

Sandwiches and salads, cookies and cakes.

Petit Café Vian Hercegprímás u. 21

Breakfasts, snacks, lunches and tea

Salaam Bombay Mérleg u. 6. (Starlight Hotel building)

Indian restaurant and take-away

Kis Kukta Mérleg u.10

Inexpensive lunches.

Chinese Fast Food Restaurants

Several, e.g. Október 6 u. 6

Nádor u. 20

Hercegprímás u. 4

Görög Ételek Corner of Akadémia and Széchenyi u.

Gyros and other Greek dishes, falafel

and salad bar


Govinda Vigyázó Ferenc u. 4

A real feast for vegetarians; exotic salads,

herb teas

Kama Sutra Október 6 u.17

Indian food, business lunches

Dió Restaurant & Bar Sas u. 2

Traditional Hungarian flavours and

modern fusion cooking

Mokka Restaurant Sas u. 4

French cuisine with Moroccan touch

Cafe Kör Sas u.17

Excellent food, trendy design, polite service.

Reserve a table in advance

La Fontaine Mérleg u.10

French-style cuisine in authentic surroundings,

romantic live music in the evenings

Trattoria Pomo D’Oro Arany János u. 9

Italian food

La Romana Arany János u.18

Italian food

Club Pirro Hercegprímás u.18

Quality food. Set meals

Leroy Kávéház Corner of Sas u. and Szt. István tér

Big salads, soups and other dishes.

Tom George Restaurant and Café Október 6 u. 8

Specialties of contemporary Hungarian

and international cuisine

Gresham Coffeehouse Roosevelt tér 5 (Four Seasons Hotel)

Páva Restaurant Roosevelt tér 5 (Four Seasons Hotel)

Via Luna Nagysándor József u.1

Italian and international cuisine

Iguana Zoltán u.16

Mexican and American food

Chinese Restaurant Corner of Széchenyi and Nádor u.

Authentic Chinese, quality food, not

the fast food-type

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