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The OOoCon 2009 team have been asked whether they can provide financial assistance to significant community contributors who otherwise could not afford to attend OOoCon. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, and with the help of the Marketing Project central funding, we have now created a small fund for this purpose.

This fund will provide bursaries of Euro 300 max per individual (based on 2 nights' accomodation at Euro 50 plus Euro 200 for travel).

People wishing to apply must be supported by a Community official (see below) and should submit an email to clearly answering the following questions:

  • what are the financial circumstances which mean you need a bursary (e.g. student / unemployed / developing country resident etc)?
  • have you attached an email showing your request is supported by a Community official (Project Lead, MarCon, Community Council / Engineering Steering Committee member)?
  • what other sources of funding have you tried?
  • why will your presence at OOoCon bring benefit to the community (e.g. making a presentation, running a workshop, etc.)?

The Euro 300 will normally be paid as a refund in person at OOoCon. Community policy requires receipts to be presented.

In exceptional circumstances the funding may be paid via bank transfer in advance.

Funds are strictly limited and applicants are advised to send in their requests as quickly as possible.

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