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OOoCon 2007 Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

Special Requests

Projects Day

This section is for listing requirements for Projects Day (Tuesday 18th). When the plans are finalised here they will be added to the Project Day page on the OOoCon website

Projects Day Schedule
Meeting Time Requirements Contact
Community Council
Joint NLC/L10N meeting 15:00-17:00 20 people Charles-H. Schulz
MarCons 17:00-19:00 12 people, room to be laid out in meeting room format John McCreesh
Extensions Project 16:30-18:00 15 people Juergen Schmidt

Company Business Meeting

Private Company Business Meetings
Meeting Time Requirements Contact
Sun Microsystems, Inc Thursday 14:00-16:00 4-6 people Juergen Schmidt

ODF Camp Day

This section is for any requirements for the ODF_Camp, Thursday, 20 September. It's slated to run from 09:00 to about 19:00

  • Estimated number of people: 25 - 30
  • Venue: We need a room able to hold at least 30 people. The room would be for Thursday, 20 Sept., from at least 9:00 to 19:00. Ideally, we would want this room to be close to the others.
  • Equipment: Projector for slides, possibly microphone. Translation probably not needed. Participants will likely bring their own laptops.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Catering--food, water, drinks
  • Lodging. I think that's been arranged for the conference as it is.

Speakers' Requests

This section is for any additional requirements which Conference Speakers have for equipment etc in the rooms.

Session: What needs to be done after a GUI test

From: Jörg Sievers

The room needs to be equipped with computers - or we try to bring in a SunRay environment

Session: Tavernalc - how to transform your OpenOffice Calc into a grid

From: Tomek Weksej

Is it possible to use two projectors?

Kiberpipa - video coverage

  • a classrom to facilitate 8 people working and 8 computers - we need it from 17.9. to 23.9.
  • ~8 volunteers - we will provide training in camera handling on 17.9. and 18.9.
  • a way to connect our cameras to speakers microphones - like acces to sound mixing table
  • fast acces to internet for video upload - 2Mbit minimum - prefered 5 Mbit
  • if it will be possible to get an even faster uplink we'll try to provide live streams - minimum 1-1.5Mbit per live stream
  • we would also need a parking lot for a van
  • and it would be necessary for us to have 24h access to our workroom

Other Facilities

Mac porters

From: Pavel Janík

do we have some room available for mac porters to meet together with their notebooks on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon till the late night?

~10-15 people, network available?

Other infos about attendees:

ericb: I will attend from Tuesday afternoon (after 15:00 ), to Thursday morning ( plane at 15:00 ), and I'll take my laptop with me.

Mac unofficial meeting:

Wednesday evening , after hdu & ericb conf

Who will attend ? :

Joerg Sievers

Michael Sicotte

Herbert Dürr

Philipp Lohmann

Thorsten Behrens

Pavel Janik

Filip Molcan

Shaun McDonald

Stephan Scheafer

Eric Bachard

Robert Dargaud

(please add your name)

Proposed workshops (please complete, add you own proposal) :

  • next steps for Cocoa migration
  • .src to .nib conversion , including demo and a little workshop (proposed by ericb)
  • QA and debug party ( configure emacs, some tips ... )
  • work on Native Printing implementation
  • QuickTime player implementation
  • improve the documentation around the changes in the code
  • new features ( Drag and drop, Mac OS X Address Book integration, Mac OS X SpellChecker integration, Thesaurus integration, Spotlight plugin ?, language packs, universal binaries, .. etc)
  • new website for Mac Porting team when aqua build will be available?

action items:

  • define who will do what

Need Meeting Space for Developer BOFs relating to OOo build and development

Novell would like to request meeting space on Thursday and Friday. The space will be used to hold developer BOFs relating to OOO build and development. The developer discussions will be open to any conference attendees who wish to come and participate. A classroom with a projector will work fine.

We need rooms for the following timeslots:

  • Thursday 20th: 9.00-11.00.
  • Friday 21th: 9.00-9.45, 11.00-12.00, 14.00-15.00
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