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Project responsibilities
Project Lead Dieter Loeschky
Co-Lead Lars Behrmann, Svante Schubert

The ODF Toolkit Wiki is an extensions to the odftoolkit.openoffice.org project. The wiki is the place for more dynamic content and the place for collaboration work.


The intention of the requirements section is to collect the different requirements for an ODF Toolkit. We expect that especially requirements will be described in more detail and that is the reason why we prefer a separate entry for each requirement. Please follow our recommendation and put new requirements under ODF_Toolkit/Requirements/<new_requirement>. The requirements are collected automatically. Please tag the requirement accordingly, use at least the categories ODFToolkit and Requirement.

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Things in progress - Efforts

In this section you can find a list of activities which are currently ongoing. The effort list is collected automatically. Please follow our recommendation and put new efforts under ODF_Toolkit/Efforts/<new_effort> and tag the it accordingly, use at least the categories ODFToolkit and Effort.

ODF Toolkit Modules

.net module AODL - A library for working with the OpenDocument format in C#, VisualBasic.net, ... AODL Wiki page.

Java module odf4j - Odf4j is a (pure) Java class-library providing ODF processing capabilities for applications based on the Java platform. odf4j Wiki page.

ODF Tools - Various tools for processing ODF documents, including tools to process ODF documents via XSLT and tools for validation and conformance checks of ODF documents. See ODF Tools Wiki Page for details.

Meeting Minutes

There is a weekly ODF Toolkit meeting each Friday 09:30am CET.

Latest Agenda



OpenOffice.org ODF Toolkit White Paper


A list of frequently asked questions related to the ODF Toolkit.

External Resources

ODF becomes more and more popular and you here can find more interesting external stuff related to ODF, ODF manipulation, ODF tools ...

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