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An important use of notes is to attach comments without altering the original article.

Thus the contents of the notes are sometimes as important as the original text. Therefore the user should be able to search text inside notes also.


The "More-Options"-Area" of the Writer Find & Replace dialog gets a new checkbox with label "Notes" behind the checkbox "Seach for Styles". This means, the new entry will appear at the end, when CTL/RTL languages are disabled in the option dialog.

This new checkbox should only be visible inside the Writer dialog, not inside Calc, Impress and Draw.

Due to limitation of the EditEngine search engine as well as consistency, the following items should be disabled when the new "Notes" checkbox is checked:

- search for Styles

- Find All

- Replace All

The search dialog can be started from the document text as well as from inside a note with the same shortcut. If the search inside notes is enabled, the search will also search inside the notes "in-place", meaning they will be taken into consideration at the location of there anchor point. If an instance is found, the item will be highlighted and focus will move into the note. By pressing enter again inside the dialog to search for the next item, search will continue inside the note for further instances and at the end, will continue to search inside the document text.

File Format Changes

No changes to the file format is neccessary


Old documents containing notes will works flawlessly with the new user interface.


No configuration means are needed to use the new functionality.

Outstanding Issues

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