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Short Introduction

Welcome to the development releases of Notes2, the improved notes implementation in Writer. The name "development releases" refers to the fact that these are only steps towards the official release which will be made available to all users. Therefore we invite you to give Notes2 a try and provide feedback as this helps us to improve the functionality until it is officially released. So just another hint (or warning?), please expect problems to appear...

General information on what we finally want to archive can be found on the Notes2 main page.

Test It

Track the current state of the feature:

Currently, there is no test release available. The current version of provides the new Notes functionality, so please report problems within this release.

Please use the Notes2 Issue Tracker Form (with pre-defined data) to report issues/bugs and wishes for enhancements. Alternatively, create a new issue with "[Notes2]" in the subject; "es" as owner; "mod" as CC. In any case you will need to login to the issue tracker with your valid account.

Thank you very much for your support!

The Notes2 iTeam

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