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The Notes Connector Line is the graphical representation of the relationship between Notes Anchor and Notes Window.


Notes User Data will not be shown inside the document text, therefore there is a need "connect" the text position the Note points at and the Notes information which is placed outside the document text.



Proposed Designs

Proposal "Dotted Polygon Line"

Ideally, that first line of Notes User Data starts at the same height of the first line of text contained/marked by the Notes Anchor. So, the user's line of sight may just move on a horizontal line until he "hits" the Note. The visual style does consider the author of the Note (color) and if the Note Window currently has the focus.

  • Position and Size:
    • The Note Connector Lines are drawn in the foreground (assuming that the Document Content is the background).
    • The Note Connector Line start next to the Anchor and is drawn horizontally below the text line.
    • If the horizontal distance between horizontal section of Note Connector Line and Notes Window is 0,5 cm (reference: 100% scale of Document), the Notes Connector Line continues directly to end at the top left edge of the Notes Window (for left-to-right text).
    • If several Note Anchors are in the same line of text, the Note Connector Lines are drawn (and layered) according to the text reading direction.
  • Visual Representation:
    • Line width: 1px (Please note: It has to be decided if it makes sense to draw the lines at all - even very small - scale levels. In Writer, the red underlining for the spell-checker disappears at low scale levels. It may make sense to look at the code.)
    • Note has the focus (e.g. is currently edited): The Note Connector Line uses the "accent color" of the note's author in line style "strike through".
    • Note does not have the focus (e.g. is viewed): The Note Connector Line uses the "accent color" of the note's author in line style "fine dots". The rest of the Notes Connector Line (the space between the dots) is filled up with the color "background dark".

Selected Design




Code Changes


Outstanding Issues


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