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This page contains the competitive analysis for the new Notes Functionality. During the development we did some investigation on software applications of competitors.

Word Processor

Microsoft Word

MS Word 2003
Microsoft Word 2003 (word processor)

"White paper background" gets extended; doesn't look nice. Allows to attach notes to a text selection. Allows spell checking in comments. Round corners.

Apple Pages

Apple Pages
Apple Pages 2 (word processor)

Nice looking color, color gradient makes it even nicer. Connectors partially barely visible, no anchors; this together makes it hard to see where a note is attached to. Has at least some rich text editing capabilities. Author/Date above the text, closer looks disturbing. Notes can also be attached to pictures. Notes have a "sidebar" like common background in light gray; darker than the document and lighter than the typical window background. This reduces the contrast and mediates between the different areas.

Softmaker TextMaker 2006

TextMaker 2006
Softmaker Textmaker 2006 (word processor)

Word clone but separates the "notes" area better from the text.

Spreadsheet Software

(will be provided soon)

Presentation Software

(will be provided soon)

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