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Integrated CWS


short- and longterm enhancements planned for upcoming CWSs in relation to notes

Selected items in no particular order:

  • code refactoring for showing other objects in the sidebar as well - done for OOo 3.1
  • reply to notes - done for OOo 3.1
  • reconversion in notes - done for OOo 3.1
  • Word XP/2003 rich text notes import/export (doc) - done for OOo 3.1
  • Word 2007 rich text notes import (docx) - done for OOo 3.1
  • autocorrection support in notes - done for OOo 3.1
  • search/replace in notes Issue 80135 - done for OOo 3.1
  • notes for selection of text Issue 5487
  • use styles within notes Issue 109773
  • show change tracking comments inside the margin Issue 92154 , see also Track_changes
  • show change tracking inside the margin Issue 88879 ,Issue 66293 , see also Track_changes
  • manual spell checking in notes
  • improve accessibility support for notes
  • filter notes by author or date
  • prevent notes from acting as a word break
  • switch visibility of notes on and off using a control in the ruler
  • support "visible" property in ODF for notes
  • bullets in notes
  • notes in repeated document parts like headers and footers
  • notes preview
  • improvements of visual appearance:
    • EditEngine: text jumping up and down
    • positioning inside notes window as well as anchor
    • less flickering on resizing
    • fix problems with gradients when editing in Outliner
  • improvements to printing of notes Issue 767 ,Issue 61644
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