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Ideas for the next OOo

This page has been created afterKR has written about potential obstacles and success factors for OOo and how we can have a new and improved mission statement. Of course we already know more or less what will is in theroadmap. But what about the 3.5? or the 4.0

Here's a marketing ¬´ drop -in ¬ª page for ideas on OOo and how we can improve or change the PRODUCT .

The obstacles

  • Interface should be radically rethought and redesigned and be very innovative, not a clone anymore (now that MSO 2007 changed its UI radically, we don't need to be in the ¬´ follow ¬ª mode so much.)

The success factors

  • ODF
  • The ODF Toolkit
  • PDF import and export (PDF /A as well)
  • Extensions

The drop-in

  • ¬´ Stateless ¬ª OOo (OOO as a RIA)
  • StarPortal... 2.0 ;-)
  • Webization of OOo
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