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Roles and Responsibilities of Native-Language Project leads

Native-Language Project leads is composed of a set of mandatory items and duties, and a set of desirable, broader roles that is necessary as soon as the native-language project grows.

Project leads may not fulfill each role him/herself. For instance, it is not required that he/she be the localization team lead, or the one writing or translating documentation.

The necessary, additional roles are what distinguish a level 2 native-language project from a level 1 native-language project (also referred to as a localization-only project). In any case, the mandatory roles remain the same. The goal of a level 2 project is however to grow the community of users, developers, marketers, documentation writers, etc. So if you're thinking about choosing a level 2 project make sure you can at least provide enough ressources for one additional role (see below).

  • Necessary, Additional roles (applicable for level 2 Native-Language projects):
    Users support in the native-language / community building
    Growing the QA team for your localized builds
    Writing or translating documentation (wiki section here and project pages here)
    Promoting locally
    Finding and mentoring new developers
    Localizing and creating extensions and the extensions web site
    Establishing a local NGO (non profit, legal entity acting as your representation locally)
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