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OOo Marketing Project

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Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:

Category:Draft marketing ideas and materials 


The Marketing Project has a dual role: marketing the software to potential users; and marketing the community to potential contributors. This page is devoted to marketing the community to developers - hackers - geeks - writers of

  • the core code, or
  • extensions, or
  • people using code in third party applications.


  • Create "Let's Work Together" page to attract new developers. Media:2009_the_year_of_the_geek.odp
  • Create quality multilingual professional online videos (and new media)
  • Contests and bounties or leverage from OTHER events (Sun Innovation / GOS / GHOP)
  • Valorize the Education Project Effort, who aims to teach students the source code (but has other goals too)

"Let's Work Together" page Tryouts

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