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Otto loves Web 2.0

Welcome to Otto's web 2.0 club

This project is a marketing strategy using the Otto's as a persona for pushing the branding and the information of into places that we haven't tap before. This will make an OOo entity on social networks, and web 2.0 presence.

Who is Otto?

Otto's birth was a bit of a controversy originally created by an education contest on getting a mascot for OOo. There was a large discussion whenever Otto was meant to represent OOo or just the education project, another controversy was the original OK sign which turned to be offensive in Brazil. Otto news also got us Slashdotted and soon became to be also another wave. After some polishing of the Otto mascot idea inspired a similar character, la mouette pushed by the french community.

Who are we targeting?

This is sort of an adventure, the main people that we are targeting are social techie people but not really geeky. We want to present a face to interact and also to push a wider brand awareness.

What does the club consist?

The club is used to describe the people that will join to contribute to this persona and take over the editorial processes where Otto can provide content. We should see this strategy as a content production worker for Sharing the information of the brand and usage of educating the non-techie society about the goods of Open software, Open standards and Free software.

Social Networks

Here is a small list that represent the best recognized web 2.0 landscape and what is Otto's personal homepage.

Some code

So why am I putting code in marketing. Since mantaining profiles on different networks it would be great to have some kind of automation to carry out the flag of mantaining all this profiles well updated. Here are some scripts that can broadcast the updates or even route the information from other already made sources like the OOo Newsletter.

Using some python I was able to do some automation on posting to some of the social networks and their open API. Here was one of the following:

[python] import twitter

username='OpenOfficeorg' password='*****' dontent = '......'

api = twitter.API(username, password) status = api.PostUpdate(post) print status.text

Other python stuff social network related includes:


If you want to contribute please send me an email.

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