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Logo Sample Draft Two for Online Conference Sessions


Create an online conference full of marketing, technical and users talks. This is with the objective to accelrate the communicationa and community exchange of information in multiple ways. Also to keep the community updated on the projects evolutions and foster new contributors.

Call for Papers

Call for paper call is open and you can participate in this event. Just send us your proposal for checkup. the following tracks include:

  • OpenDocuments
  • Marketing
  • User talks
  • Development
  • Localization

Make sure you submit your proposal before June 25th. For more details please finish the current site and send us your feedback.


The online conference would be announced on the site and program will be maintained on the Wiki. Organizers will be able to request, process and develop a program that can be announced to the external media through the marketing project.

The conference rooms will be handled by the WizIQ service which enable presentations live with very few requirements for the assitants. Video and audio broadcast information should be requested through the call for paper talk.

The topics will focus on developers, marketers, locales and users. The users track has been one of the most requested track on past OOoCon and we could use online conferences as a testbed for end user tracks.


Depending on the evaluation process and acceptance the timeline will be shorter than a physical conference. We could generate enough buzz within 1 month of preparing the conference. Also the conference could take longer since we are not restricted of making this talks. I propose a space of 3 weeks. Most of the schedule would be Europe based since the developers and most of the community revolve around these timezones.

1 week

  • Start the call for papers
  • Put a site in marketing explaining the concept
  • Start the request for logo on the ART project
  • Request sponsors

2 week

  • Website team can generate a custom min-site for our project
  • Marketing start pushing the news out to sites like slashdot, digg, zdnet, etc.
  • Call for papers would be evaluated

3 week

  • Tracks start showing up proposals
  • WizIQ/Dimdim tool is tested and have some trials
  • Mini-site goes live with the artwork
  • Call for papers last call
  • Settle with sponsors

4 week

  • Finalize the call for papers
  • Structure the programme
  • Put the sponsors on the mini-site
  • Put a registrar app in place

Tips and recomendations

Make sure that we have your presentation at least 24 hours before your meeting. This will make us able to work as a backup in case you need assistance.

The current environment don't have desktop sharing so please include screenshots if you need to show an app specifically.

You would need a mic to give an oral presentation, which is very advisable. Make sure to have a good quality mic. USB mics are great, however a regular mics are fine too, we do encourage to test your mic before the session.

We also recomend to export your presentations as PDF and an emergency backup as html since you will be able to upload images dynamically during the presentation.

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