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Preparing edition 2010

As follow up on the effort in the in 2008 here the preparations for 2010 are done.

In a first discussion on dev@OOo and dev@marketing.OOo , various ideas/issues were mentioned for better promotion and better support.

This page started with that info and will help us keeping record of ideas and tasks.

Public Info on the programm

While this page is for organising stuff, people interested to join, mentor, support the programm, can go to the page OpenOffice.org_Internship.

Proposal: name it Summer 2010 Internship


  1. get agreement from all proposed members of the Supervisor team;
  2. make better English of the official Internship Wiki
  3. if time is there: update the ToDo wiki
  4. get out the PR and network marketing


  1. now


  • promoting it on the main page (
  • add an item on contributung page (
  • start a twitter account and get 1000+ followers. post a link.
  • post to digg
  • tell a few high profile bloggers about it.
  • encourage people to blog about it
  • a lot of promoting and press releases
  • inform writers/editors on tech news sites, like
  • send notices to computer science departments at universities

Rules - DRAFT

Based on the discussed draft below, and examples from the past, the "Terms & Conditions" on the official Internship Wiki is written
  1. Eligible are developers who can work full-time for a period of ~3 month on a task;
  2. Participants have to comply with the guidelines (incl. SCA), see XXX;
  3. For each successfully finished task an award of 4000 EUR is offered;
  4. Proposals have to be send to XXX and will are collected on a wiki page;
  5. The poposals (suggested tasks and own ideas) are discussed by applicants and mentors on the project lists XXX;
  6. Applications are send via survey service XXX;
  7. Involved mentors plus organizing team rank and accept applications;
  8. There will be a mid-term evaluations by mentors (supervisor or meeting);
  9. At the end of the project there will be final evaluations;
    1. Success of participant is determined by mentor plus formal compliance with rules;
    2. In case of doubt, the participipant and the mentor contact the (supervisor or meeting);
  10. Payments to the participant will be done immediately after the programm.


update this one, due to better info start for development? ( See  here)
  • promote clearly how people can get support, if they need it, to make the start
  • have a prominent link to the predone VirtualBox ubuntu images of cl, so the issue of getting the thing compiled would be already solved
  • have some really easy bugs available for fixing to get some results
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