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This page has the goal to give our MarCons the tools and the guidelines to become and provide a good marketing service in benefit of their country. This project will let marketing people come into have objectives.

What is a MarCon?

A MarCon is a person or group of people that can organize and work as an accelerator of communication that can put the information from the community.

MarCons skillset

We are looking for a certain profile of person that can cover the following skillsets:

  • Give talks to a diverse audience
  • Travel to attend events
  • Set and achieve marketing goals
  • Recruit new people in the community
  • Explain complex things to any audience
  • Research and connect with event organizers
  • Approach the local media and have a good PR approach

What venues can MarCons use?

Different venues that are far from our online community where we might not reach. Local newspapers, radio talk shows, TV shows etc.

Relationship with newsources, comentators and editors might also be a great relationship and publicity to the use of

Local IT events on universities and give talks about and more important, be very vigilant on the events hapening in your country could be a great way to get phisical exposure of OOo.

How can the Marketing project help you?

Currently OOo Marketing project has an Strategic Marketing Plan which is published in this wiki. This will guide you to the overal view of the role of MarCons in the project.

We can provide (see resources) presentations, whitepapers, studies and also we are looking forward for you to let us know what things will you need to get the word even further.


  • list more things to do locally
  • prepare more information and howtos for local marcons
  • techniques on how to acquire relationship with local newsource
  • research and list the local IT events and categorize them in:
    • FLOSS Talks about free software like Linuxworld
    • IT Technology related like CeBits
    • Industry related like education IT summit, or Government IT simposium


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