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The Apache OpenOffice project

OpenOffice is a full office suite that is offered free of license and one of the largest open source projects ever. OpenOffice is maintained by a worldwide community and continually developed. Several millions of satisfied users worldwide use OpenOffice in over 90 languages and on the major operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux and Solaris.
OpenOffice is the first large office suite, which uses the new OASIS OpenDocument Format 1.2 as the default storage format, the future international standard for office software.

OpenOffice has lots of advantages:

  • OpenOffice is easy to install and automatically adjusts to the operating system used in its visual appearance.
  • OpenOffice is easy to use thanks to its clearly structured, intuitive menu.
  • OpenOffice has all the features you'd expect from an office suite: word processing, spreadsheet, presentation design, formula editor, mail merge, database, and much more.
  • OpenOffice is able to exchange documents with other Office programs.
  • No license fees, and thus no administrative burden is necessary, install OpenOffice as often and wherever you want.
  • The source code of OpenOffice is licensed under the Apache License v2 and is available for free. Thus the community is constantly expanding and in a position to steadily improve OpenOffice.

Exchange data with other Office suites.

The document format of OpenOffice is OpenDocument Format (ODF), which was approved by the OASIS on 30/11/2006 as an ISO standard, ISO / IEC 26300 confirmed.

The OASIS is supported by all major manufacturers in the information technology, including Computer Associates, EDS, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Sun Microsystems. OpenDocument Format is supported by the European Commission, recommended as a document exchange format. Through the OpenDocument Format, files can be easily viewed or edited with programs that support this format as well.

OpenOffice is friendly to users:

  • With OpenOffice, anyone can immediately start to work if they have ever worked with office programs.
  • The change to OpenOffice is easy, since most third-party file formats can be read and written.
  • There are no language barriers with OpenOffice due to the vast community effort.
  • OpenOffice is supported by a global community of volunteers to help newcomers. Advanced users will also find help with complex issues.
  • OpenOffice is available in many languages, even in languages for which it is not worth the cost of localization for commercial software.

OpenOffice in everyday life:

  • Authorities and public administrations.
  • Education (schools, education and training).
  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Large companies and organizations.
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • PC manufacturers and PC shops.
  • And of course, many private individuals.

What does OpenOffice consist of ?

WRITER - Word Processing

Whatever you want to write, whether a simple letter or a com­- plex book with hyperlinked content, bibliography, and with illustrations embedded and whatever else you can think of. The writer is the best tool. It offers everything that makes paperwork easier.

CALC – Spreadsheet

You can become master of your numbers and keep them in check with Calc. If you need to make decisions, Calc helps you capture and edit your numbers. An integrated help system is available for complex formulas and mathematical functions.

IMPRESS – Presentations

Do you want to be convincing? Impress helps you in transporting your content into easy to create multimedia presentations. It holds your audience with considerable attention for your eye-catching animations.

DRAW - Vector Drawings

With Draw, you create scalable illustrations. Drawing on different levels, auto shapes, different page sizes up to a maximum of up to 300 centimeters, for example a scientific poster, transparency, area and line attributes, grids and guides. Cropping of images is intuitively possible.

BASE – Database

Base is the database, a database front end with its own provided Engine (HSQLDB). Base merges your database seamlessly within OpenOffice.

MATH - Formula Editor

Math is OpenOffice's component for creating the visual representation of mathematical equations. In most cases, is used as a Math formula editor for text documents, but Math can also be used with other modules.

Macros - Scripting

And of course, OpenOffice comes with an open, documented API, so that it is completely scriptable. OpenOffice Basic is also a development environment (IDE) ideal for administrators and application developers.

Where to find OpenOffice, help, support and contact information The OpenOffice project still needs helpers and volunteers. Anyone can join, every helping hand is needed. There are many areas of work. The central point of contact is through the main web site at:

You are free and welcome to reuse the text of this document under the Creative Commons License while the graphics are based on the OOo3 splash screen and therefore licensed under the Apache License version 2

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