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OOo Marketing Project

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Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:

Marketing.OpenOffice 2.x does not have an e-mail client, nor a calendaring tool. There are plenty of programs available (including open source), that can do the job for you.

However, whether the alternatives can help you all the way, strongly depends on your needs and platform: Windows, Linux or another.

In any case, when working in a multi-user environment, there is a need for both a server and a client part of the application. On the client side, browser-based applications are gaining popularity and constantly becoming more powerful. Therefore, it makes sense to use the information below as a starting point, that might not be fully up to date. Use the links below to look for the most recent developments.

Futhermore, it would be useful to have more structured data later on, for each product mentioned, for example: - win / lin / both; - server / cliënt / browser; - shared calendar / not; - and more.

The current list:

If appropriate: also read the licences for the Exchange-server. They may allow for the use of Outlook, giving the possibility to change over to without having to bother about the e-mail/calendaring tool right now.

CorNouws 16:36, 2 May 2006 (CEST)

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