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Interesting Labs

Accessibility Lab (ericb selection)

Receive one-on-one technical assistance on using the Accessibility API and making your application accessible. Whether you are access-enabling your application or developing an application that uses assistive technolgies, this is the lab to attend to get advice and answers to your questions. Bring your code, your laptop, and your questions.

Advances in Modern OpenGL

Understand how advances in OpenGL unlock the rendering power of the GPU. Tackle GPU-based vertex and fragment processing with the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) and use the most current capabilities of OpenGL to modernize your code. Learn techniques for integrating the high-performance 3D graphics pipeline with the other graphics frameworks on Mac OS X. A must-attend session for Mac OpenGL developers to learn how to take advantage of the recent innovations in graphics hardware.

Apple Help Lab

Receive one-on-one technical assistance with Apple Help integration, content authoring, and troubleshooting from Apple Help engineers and content writers. Bring your laptop, your code, your Help content, and your questions.

Assigning Your Application an Identity with Code Signing

Code signing in Mac OS X allows the Keychain and other operating system features to verify your application's ownership without prompting your users--even after you've updated your application. Find out how digitally signing your application ensures the integrity of your code and enables the system to recognize and alert users to unauthorized changes. Learn how to sign your applications, how signed applications work and how signing improves security and your customers' experience.

Cocoa Open Lab

Get expert one-on-one assistance from the Cocoa engineering team, DTS engineers, and Technology Evangelists on Cocoa topics. Bring your laptop, your code, and your questions.

Image Capture, Manipulation, and Display with Image Kit

Image Kit provides Cocoa developers with a straightforward interface for common image handling tasks. Discover how easily you can equip your application with image capture, browsing, viewing, import, adjustment and presentation, all within a crisp and consistent user experience. Learn how to apply image processing filters for lightweight image editing, how to capture images from the camera and how to assemble an enhanced image browser. An important technology for Cocoa developers who want to handle photos and other media in their Mac OS X applications.

Image Kit Lab

Work directly with the Image Kit engineering team to add image browsing, viewing, capture, adjustment and presentation to your Cocoa application. Bring your laptop, your code and your questions.

OpenGL on the Mac Lab

Meet with members of the OpenGL engineering team to dig deeper into desktop OpenGL features and profiling. Bring your laptop, your code and your questions.

Spotlight and Quick Look Lab

Meet one-on-one with Spotlight and Quick Look engineers to see how much these technologies have in common and polish your use of them. Make sure your document declarations are correct and your plug-ins are as fast and lightweight as possible. Bring your laptop, your code, and your questions.

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